Immigration Changes

The History of Indigenous People in Canada

The kind care of Canada's largest population is applauded worldwide. This is independent of the diversity of its demographic structure in general. But some historical records have provided a past picture of Canada as a location of violence and disadvantage of the indigenous people by politics (Todorova & Miglena, 2016).

Impact of Canadian Colonial Policies

In some Canadian colonial policies, the security of Canada's legal residents was concerned primarily. In the past, the children of the indigenous inhabitants have been put into residential schools, educating about society. These among other maltreatment of the indigenous people sparked up debates for changes to be made especially on immigration policies.

Debate on Immigration Policies

However, the debate has ensured that the Canadian government is favoring the immigrants over the aboriginal Canadians. This is ultimately not true. I do not feel that the Canadian government is favoring the immigrants. This is due to the fact that, all moves put in place through the formulation of new immigration policies are aimed at bettering the lives of all Canadians (Todorova & Miglena,2016).

For example, the policy about permanent residency for skilled, educated immigrant is aimed at increasing the skills pool of the country in general.

Promoting Parity and Wellbeing

Furthermore, the policies to intake more refugees into Canada and giving rights to the residence of caregivers will promote the sense of parity since everyone will be treated as they were legal Canadians. Such a move is mainly aimed at improving the whole of Canada and not aimed at disfavoring the aboriginal citizens. Additionally, the government move to ensure there is Federal legislation and social funding for the immigrants will ultimately develop the living standards of most Canadians; which in turn may improve the living standards of even the aboriginals.


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