I Am Sam Film Review

I Am Sam” is the story of a mentally challenged father, Sam Dawson, who is raising his daughter, Lucy, with the help of his friends. As Lucy grows up, she begins to intellectually surpass her father, and Sam’s relationship with Lucy is threatened by a social worker who wants her taken into foster care.

Sean Penn
“I Am Sam” is a movie about a mentally challenged father and his daughter. Sam Dawson raises his daughter, Lucy, with the help of his friends. However, when his daughter reaches the age of seven, she begins to intellectually surpass him. As a result, a social worker wants Lucy placed in foster care. Unfortunately, Sam’s bond with Lucy is threatened.

Jessie Nelson wanted to cast a disabled person in the lead role, but the studios had already decided on a big name actor. Nelson fought to have the disabled person play the lead role.

Michelle Pfeiffer
“I Am Sam” is the story of a mentally challenged father, Sam Dawson, who raises his daughter Lucy with the help of friends. As Lucy approaches the age of 7, however, she begins to intellectually outpace her father, which threatens their bond. A social worker wants to remove Lucy from their custody, but Sam is not willing to let his daughter go.

When Lucy is taken from Sam, he is afraid that she will not be cared for. Lucy is eventually taken away from Sam by the authorities, and Sam turns to high-powered lawyer Rita Harrison to fight for his daughter’s custody. Although she has a reputation for being cold and unemotional, Rita agrees to help Sam pro bono. In the process, Sam helps Rita resolve her family issues, including the fractious relationship she has with her son. The two women also share a memorable moment together as they discuss the importance of motherhood.

Dakota Fanning
“I Am Sam” is the story of mentally challenged father Sam Dawson, who raises his daughter, Lucy, with the help of friends. However, as Lucy grows older, she begins to surpass Sam intellectually and his bond with Lucy is threatened by a social worker who wants to put Lucy in a foster home.

Despite her young age, Dakota Fanning has already managed to garner quite an impressive list of accomplishments. She attended a Montessori school in Georgia before moving to California to pursue her acting career.

Rita (Michelle Pfeiffer)
The film follows an intelligent boy named Sam who discovers that he is adopted and is in need of a new family. Sam’s mother, Rita Harrison, has neglected her son. When she learns that her husband is philandering, she agrees to take on Sam’s custody case. Meanwhile, Sam wants Rita to leave her philandering husband and try to rebuild her fractured relationship with her son.

In i am Sam, Pfeiffer plays Rita, the attorney for the mentally challenged Sam Dawson. She is concerned about Sam losing custody of his bright seven-year-old daughter, Lucy, in a custody battle. Sam’s friends, including his neighbor Dianne Wiest, are also mentally disabled. Sam fights for custody of his daughter, but the authorities start to get interested in the family and the case.

Adoptive mother
Sam was born in 2017, but was adopted when he was just two years old. His biological parents died in an automobile accident. The state child welfare agency removed Sam from his mother’s custody soon after birth and he was placed in four different foster homes before being legally freed for adoption. While Sam is generally healthy and has the appropriate immunizations, his adoptive parents have noticed that he’s developing problems. For example, he’s been experiencing greasy stools and has been wheezing. So Nancy decides to take Sam to a pediatrician. The pediatrician performs a physical exam and orders blood tests and a chest x-ray.

Sam was born to a single Greek mother. She doesn’t know Sam’s biological father, but she believes he is Chinese. At that time, there was still social prejudice against unmarried women and children of mixed race. As a result, Sam’s birthmother did not acknowledge her. Sam was also forced out of a family photo because of her racial background.

Mentally challenged father
Mentally challenged fathers may face a number of challenges when raising their children. The challenges may be more difficult for fathers with a mental disorder, as in the case of Sam Dawson. The film follows Sam as he fights for custody of his seven-year-old daughter, Lucy. He names Lucy after a Beatles song and helps her foster mother, Annie (Dianne Wiest), raise Lucy.

Raising a child with intellectual disability requires a lot of emotional strength. In addition, it also requires flexibility. Mentally challenged children have unique needs, and a father may be overwhelmed by the many responsibilities. Support from other family members can be crucial in maintaining balance in the home.

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