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Hydrofracking is currently a crucial concern in America, causing a number of interest groups to resolve the topic. To describe hydrofracking, it refers to the deep mining method whereby vast amounts of water, various chemicals, and sand appear to be injected into gas wells under extremely high pressure with the intention of creating very small fractures in the rock by using water-driven force to encourage the opening of long small established fractures. One of the interest groups that has greatly taken on the goal of solving the hydrofracking problem in America is the Union of Interested Scientists. To influence the congress and the president, the group employs a number of methods and tactics so that they can see the issue being addressed. To start with, the group greatly supports the congress to come up with a law that will increase taxes when it comes to the polluters as well as the incentives for environmentally beneficial practices. Pushing for the local and the state government to fund and also establishing of different environmental friendly approaches of hydrofracking is the other tactic being used by the group to influence the president to ensure that the issue is addressed. Protesting is the other tactic being used the group whereby they storm in the appearance of the senior leaders, for instance, the governor with the objective being to help them address the issue to the president and the congress as well. Initiating of national advertising technique is the other method being used by the group with the goal being to sensitize members of the public on the importance of promoting safety gas hence making their leaders work on introducing laws in the congress that will help address the issue of hydrofracking.

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