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The young generation is in the hands of the future. The world in which it evolves and the effect it has on society dictates what it will do in future. To get both academic and moral support, we have sent our young people to kindergarten. They’re taught not only in the field of education, but also in life and what it holds for them. Moral reinforcement is a central agent in the potential actions and discipline of the young generation. It is I the hands of social workers, counselors, and psychologist that the burden of molar support is laid .their qualification is a matter of interest before they are employed (Monett 15).
A social worker is a professional who oversees the functionality of the well-being of the society, and community as a whole (Narey & Martin 17). A psychologist is a professional who studies mental health, behavior as well as considering how to treat, evaluate and diagnose mental process (Lansdown et al., 5). A counselor is proficient who has the overall duty to advise, correct and guide children on different matters. It is a must for one of the three professionals to hold at least a masters degree and have a broad experience on their line of work. It is also important for them to have gone many hours of internship where they get experience. When these qualifications are met, parents feel that their children are in safe hands and because they are dealing with professionals.
It is not only about profession but also the capability and expertise in the field. To have a better future, we have to give the young the best to reach the best of their capability. By doing this, we are sure that the environment that has children is in safe hands of these professionals.

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