Human Effects on Natural Environment

Humans' Relationship with the Natural Environment

Humans' relationship with the natural environment is complicated- whereas subject to unique natural events and controls, he tends to acts as the main creature over the biological and physical systems. The relationship has modified over thousand years with the progress measurable changes in the bodily environment. Even though man has been increasingly altered the bodily environment to suit his wants and improve living conditions, some instances lead to catastrophic problems. In certain parts of the world, the trade is undeniable since the authentic elements have been lost value. The paper will discover the operation of natural systems and activities and more importantly on the human influence, that affects their outcomes.

Modification of Landforms

In my opinion human activities such as deforestations, use of agricultural machinery and chemicals, mining and quarrying, overgrazing and many others lead to modification on landforms. The above operations cause deposition and soil erosion to occur in the soil. A man can either act directly by excavating and piling up of materials that regard him as a direct agent of change. On the other hand, he can affect the actions of wind and water to reduce or speed their operation in a process called complicated process. Such may include building expensive coastal groins or reforestations. Consequently, interference with the landforms leads to the destruction of natural vegetation such as clearing of forests during agricultural periods. In deserts, deforestation leads to wind deflation in areas like Thar Desert in Pakistan and India.

Modification of Atmosphere

Secondly, modification of atmosphere has contributed to the debated climate change in the last few decades. We may perhaps ask ourselves how man pollutes the environments. It has been established that pollutes the highest portion of local effects on the atmosphere in comparison to natural forces of change. The components of atmospheric changes include alterations of earth surface such that it pollutes the atmosphere or introduction of new gases and solids into the atmosphere. Excessive use of automotive and industrial machinery leads to increase in capacity of gaseous such as Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbon compounds. Similarly, deforestation reduces the production of oxygen. Furthermore, the effluent from industries affects the composition and lives of water creatures.

Ecosystem Modification

Lastly, the humankind primitively believes that they cannot live in the natural ecosystem without modifying its main characteristics. It is visible in the large-scale burning of grasslands and the introduction of agriculture more far-reaching effects were introduced into the atmosphere. With the aim of getting a simplified ecosystem where harvesting of crops would be the easy man eventually disrupted nutrient cycling, eliminated alien species hence causing pollutions. Not until recent years, that there has been awareness against significant impacts of man's modification. Ecosystem simplification and eutrophication form the basic types of modifications. Simplification implies that a man direct and materials towards what he wants but regards the other species as weeds and pests. On the other hand, eutrophication comes when man destroys major nutrient reservoirs since ecosystems cannot operate without recycling of nutrients.


In summary, I confirmed the fact that man performs a critical part in the designing of the natural ecosystem. He manipulates the environment with the objective of achieving improved living standards but ends up disrupting the nature. Modification of landforms through deforestation, use of industrial machinery that cause soil erosions and wind deflations.. Similarly, atmospherics changes through the introduction of various gases and solids into the natural systems marks significant interference with natural environment.

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