Human Actions and delivery of wellbeing

In the practice of medicine and general healthcare delivery:

The study of human behavior is central. Awareness of the link between behavior and biology and the environment promotes the well-being and well-being of individuals in society. As such, an important tool for being a professional health practitioner is recognizing human nature.

In addition to encouraging patients to be treated correctly:

Knowing human actions also encourages physicians to avoid illnesses. That preventive is indeed easier than treatment is a common slogan. Understanding human behavior helps the health professional to create the link between mental states and their health effects. Another associated benefit is in the promotion of good health, which is not merely the absence of disease, but involves numerous biological, psychological, and social factors, the interaction of needs to be analyzed thoroughly.

Third, comprehending human behavior helps healthcare providers in the treatment of some illnesses:

Apart from the drugs and surgical procedures, stress management plans are quite essential in the practice of medicine. For instance, some patients experience stress caused by the financial burden or some other external factors. A doctor who understands what they are going through will be in a position to offer moral support. The study of human behavior will also help practitioners in investigating some psychological correlates of illnesses. Therefore, the mental states linked to certain diseases, for instance, the relationship between stress and high blood pressure, could be established, while the vulnerable groups could be identified and treated as early as possible.

Last but not least, human behavior study can help in the improvement of the healthcare system and policy generation:

Therefore, healthcare providers can guide the management on how to offer more efficient services.

Question 2. Reflection:

The chapter is exceptional in comprehensive description of adjustment and human behavior patterns. Therefore, the reader would get a clear image of the various types of adjustments, effective and ineffective behavior, the influence of emotions on adjustment, and the different ways in which one can comfortably improve adjustment. In healthcare provision, adjustment demands knowing one’s responsibilities and acting within them while obeying the code of ethics appropriate to the roles.

The chapter provides an insight into the knowledge that a person can apply while approaching human behavior in both professional and social life:

First, it helps one to understand that individuals deal with life situations differently. While dealing with people, it is important to differentiate those who are well adjusted from those who are not, and therefore, one can even help the poorly adjusted individuals to cross that bridge of unnecessary anxiety and avoid the vicious cycle that can cause more problems. Considering the concept of ineffective and effective behavior, a professional can learn how to change both the ways of thinking and acting, which may include adjusting to new job demands or changes in the management of an institution. By applying effective behavior to improve their adjustments, professionals can get excellent results even when faced with new challenges. The influence of emotions resulting from adjustment cannot be overlooked. It is important to focus on the positive emotions both in professional and social life. As such, a person will be able to adjust to new requirements comfortably and associate well with friends and workmates. Moreover, the balance between work and play is necessary for a healthy functioning mind. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority in an individual’s life and social circles.

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