HR practices and union management relationship

If management obtains a union, it deserves one has been interpreted differently. The main reason for the formation of unions is ineffective management abilities. Poor decision-making, an uncomfortable working environment, and low earnings, for example, could accelerate their development. According to Dhal (2015), there is no justification for the formation of unions when the administration is performing its job well and there are no complaints. On the other hand, if the organization fails to meet its responsibilities and employees' rights are violated in any way, the formation of a union to address these issues is triggered. Employee issues usually arise most of the time, but this does not mean that they should keep demanding for more. It is just a show of greed to some, and it might not portray a good image. In occasions where an employee has been wronged, they should firstly seek assistance from the management and not involve other staff in any way (Dhal, 2015). Therefore, the organization and its staff can resolve issues swiftly and professionally enhancing work harmony. This is important because if the two parties disagree on certain things, it might affect their relations and ultimately productivity.

To conclude, the workforce should always figure out in detail what they engage in before trying to create unions. These bodies may just worsen the situation, but still, management should take into consideration employees' working environment and grievances. The above statement may seem to contradict, may be considered a serious matter, or taken lightly by different individuals. However, the bottom line is the workforce should have no reason to form a union if their employers are acting as expected.


Dhal, M. (2015). HR practices & union management relationship. Indian Journal of Industrial

Relations, 50(4), 652-666.

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