How Women Are Not Inferior To Men

In recent decades, society has positioned men as superior to women. Charles Darwin and other early thinkers and scientists believed that men and women differ biologically from one another. The inferiority of women was further exacerbated by cultural influences and societal roles. Women, however, battled for equality and rights in society. Both sexes are treated equally and given the same benefits, rights, freedoms, and opportunities in the modern society. The common defense of women’s equality is grounded in the Bible. God gave both men and women equal rights to enjoy their freedom in the Garden of Eden when they were formed (Mieder, 2014). Additionally, the Bible puts it clear that both sexes are equal before God and none are superior to each other. Therefore, women are not naturally inferior to men since they both have same rights and opportunities in leadership, management, education and in politics.

For instance, women are not inferior to men since they have similar opportunities in leadership and management. In the modern society, women have participated in politics and have been given equal rights and opportunities as men. For example, Hilary Clinton, an American woman, ran for the United States presidential seat without fear of intimidation. Also, several women have vied for US senatorial and governor positions in America and even succeeded in leadership. Similarly, women have been given leadership positions as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) by various organizations. The action depicts that women are not inferior to men since they can lead even better than men. Studies reveal that institutions led by women are likely to perform better than those headed by men (McBride & Parry, 2016).

Similarly, women are not inferior since they are well educated just as men are. Women in the modern society are well educated and have gained significant knowledge and skills to perform various technical and general tasks. Studies carried out recently depict that more girls are enrolling in schools and pursue technical courses such as medicine, law, engineering and computer studies (McBride & Parry, 2016). In fact, women are performing better in subjects perceived to be male-dominated such as mathematics. Additionally, women have significantly contributed to scientific studies just like men. For example, Barbara McClintock was the first person to win Nobel price after discovering elements of mobile genetics. The discovery is important since it laid the basis for modern advancement in genetic engineering.

Additionally, men are not superior to women since both have equal employment and work opportunities. According to Mieder (2014), women have similar job opportunities, wages, and salaries at the workplaces without discrimination. Women nowadays work in the government, military and scientific institutions. For example, Deanna Brasseur, a prominent woman in Canada became the first female pilot fighter in Canada. Also, Sheila Hellstrom was appointed as the first female general in the department of defense in Canada. Therefore, women have dominated in fields which are perceived to be male-centered thus signaling equality between the two sexes.

In conclusion, females are not inferior to males since what the men can pursue; still, women can do it even better. For instance, women have achieved high education levels like men thus participating in improving the nation’s economy. As a result, they have secured various job positions in different organizations and institutions thus achieving their career goal and improving their lifestyles. Also, women have substantially become prominent leaders through participating in politics and management just like men. Henceforth, women are no longer inferior to men.


McBride, D. E., & Parry, J. A. (2016). Women’s rights in the USA: Policy debates and gender roles.

Mieder, W. (2014). All Men and Women Are Created Equal. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

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