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Isaac Newton (1642–1727) is an outstanding English scientist, one of the founders of classical physics – you can explore his extraordinary input into science in your Isaac Newton essay. He made numerous discoveries in the fields of physics, astronomy, mechanics, and mathematics: the law of universal gravitation, the theory of celestial mechanics, 3 laws of mechanics, discoveries in the field of optics and color theory – most Isaac Newton essays mention these and more. Writing essays on Isaac Newton will reveal that the scientific works of this man were often ahead of his time and incomprehensible to his contemporaries. His hypotheses regarding the flattening of the Earth's poles, the phenomenon of polarization, and the deflection of light in a gravitational field still amaze scientists today. View Isaac Newton essay samples below – some of the most informative essay samples are listed for you here.

The Contributions and Proposed Ideas of Isaac Newton

The most famous physicist of all time is Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was a theologian, an astronomer, a mathematician, and, most significantly, he was a physicist. Newton was a major figure in the 17th century’s scientific discoveries. The incorporation of white light into the comprehension of colors, the laws of…

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Rehabilitation of convicts in prisons by Laura Bates

Dr Laura Bates was rehabilitating prisoners in a maximum security state prison; she requested the inmates an assignment about Shakespeare’s woks. The other inmates submitted short responses however Newton gave a one-page answer, earning him a place in her program, “Shakespeare in Shackles.” Dr Bates was definitely taken by Newton’s…

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