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Bacon, Galileo, and Descartes

Things and aspects are perceived differently by different persons. Furthermore, Galileo states that the appearance of an object is relevant to the senses of the person observing it. He believes that qualities like as shape and velocity, to name a few, are correct in the objects being observed. Some attributes,...

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the ethics in business

For many years, he has been regarded as a stalwart scientist. He's discovered a plethora of advanced astronomical instruments. With the latest discoveries, he studied the heavens and the universe and was able to describe very complex phenomena such as the moon glowing with reflecting light, the Milky Way made...

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Although most people think of the sun as a flawless, round, and smooth ball of fire with no flaws, a closer examination shows that it has some dark spots known as sunspots. These sunspots usually occur in pairs or groups, and they emerge from the sun's interiors. They are noteworthy...

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