Hitachi Domestic, Legal and Technological Climate

Through setting up its manufacturing companies in those countries, the Hitachi group of companies plays a key role in the Asian continent.

Via a socially creative company in Asia, these businesses are contributing. Hitachi discovers the dilemma posed by people in Singapore and Hong Kong and invents technologies to overcome the unique issue ("Hitachi EM Service Company formed", 2002).

Secondly, the Hitachi community provides social responsibilities

Such as Christmas light up, planning exhibits and exhibits such as the conference and exhibition center in Singapore, and finally the initiative of young Hitachi leaders (Pederson, 2010).

Services and Goods Hitachi provides

Information and telecommunication systems, power systems, social infrastructure and industrial systems, electronic and electronic systems. The company is also known for selling construction machinery, high-function materials, and components. The company also participate in the sale of the automotive system and finally smart life and eco-friendly system (Pederson, 2010).

The business operates in a very stiff competition environment.

There are other groups of companies the offers similar products and services in the market. Their operations in countries such as Hongkong and Singapore is also highly influenced by political factors, economic factors, and social factors that have contributed positively to the success of the business. Hitachi is mainly interested in expanding its markets to reach various parts of the world through conducting continuous research in other markets across the world ("Hitachi Ltd to acquire Hitachi Plant Technologies via share exchange", 2010). They also improve the quality of services they offer to enable them to maintain the currently existing market.

Future Strategy

The organization is constantly increasing their presence in various parts of the world through conducting more research in different markets and designing systems that will meet the demands of the people in the established markets. They adopt integration of systems, for example, they integrated infrastructure and information are created in past years of experience and applied them to social innovation business integration of technology will enable the organization to stand the stiff competition they face in the market ("Hitachi EM Service Company formed", 2002). The company also advances partnerships with other business to promote his success.

Challenges Facing Hitachi

In conducting their business in various parts of the world, the company is facing challenges of political instability, they also experience environmental problems, and the company has adopted strategies that will help in mitigating the environmental problems. Fast changing technology is also another challenge the company faces. Social factors such has population and poverty also affect their success because they influence the ability of people to purchase Hitachi product and services. Finally, they also face economic constraints in various markets that make them devise strategies for overcoming the challenges ("Hitachi Ltd to acquire Hitachi Plant Technologies via share exchange", 2010).


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