Healthcare Information Systems

Compulink, Athenahealth EHR software, and Drchrono are the three types of healthcare information systems. Compulink is a highly customisable Health Records Management Software built for specialist practices. It is adaptable to the needs of a practice and provides functions like as patient scheduling, electronic billing, patient registration, reporting, and a complaint site. Athenahealth offers a nationwide care network with cloud-based services for electronic health records, revenue management, medical billing, care coordination, and population health management. Users can check the daily schedules for patient information, order management, and examining incoming test results. Finally, Drchrono is a platform that provides for customization at the point of care level. It involves scheduling, billing, and patient reminders. Through this platform, the users are able to get back office functions, have an automated patient check-in, proper documentation, and e-prescriptions. These software address virtually the same health care concerns with different software technology (Software Advice, 2017).

Common Features

All the software packages provide for an online interaction between the patients and the medical staff, this is through patient registration, storage of past medical history of the patients, billing, periodic reviewing and management of patient’s medical information. Finally, each of the software packages is scalable.


Compulink has a practice management module while Athenahealth and Drchrono are largely electronic health record systems (Compulink, 2017). Secondly, Athenahealth is largely cloud-based and services nationally connected facilities while Compulink and Drchrono are local with localized servers. Finally, Drchrono is a highly a customizable opinion both at the point of care and on the go, a feature unrivaled by the other two.


From the visited sites, the reader may not be able to tell the specific facility the package is targeted at, they would have to deduce based on the information given and their specific requirements. These sites would be useful for a firm implementing a clinical information system due to the fact that they give a clear description of the software packages along with their estimated prices. Importantly, they also have a user comments section that offers reviews on these software packages that can be invaluable for the business. Finally, these websites are commercial websites that must present a proper product statistics to the business or risk bad reputation which is often incentive enough for providing adequate and truthful information (Software Advice, 2017).


These information systems are employed in public health reporting through their applications in preparing patients bills, giving reports of lab results, monitoring patient’s vital signs via apps and supporting patient scheduling. These functions are integrated into the above-discussed packages.


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