Hacking and legal punishment

Hacking and its Impact

Hacking is a serious issue that has an international impact. Using the application of general difference theory, social learning theory, and social bond theory, the research study will evaluate the illegal hacking behavior. Illegal hacking, which primarily targets personal accounts, government websites, and organizational data, has had numerous negative repercussions on society.

Understanding the Psychology of Hackers

The study will also demonstrate how society responds to the sin and the initiatives it has done to lessen it. The goal of the research article is to comprehend the psychology of hackers in order to comprehend their own desires or dreams and develop strategies for preventing hacking. The study will provide the reader with information on the main issues that force people to get involved in hacking, ways of avoiding them and also the resultant effect on the society. The study will adopt a case study of participants in a hacker's conference.

Data Collection Method and Analysis

The data collection method will be the use of questionnaires. Both open-ended and closed-ended questions will be presented to the respondents whose identity will not be disclosed. The population of the study will arrive through random sampling method, whereby the questionnaires will only be administered to a specific sample size which will be a potential source of the required data. The data will be presented using tables and graphs for analysis which will be done through the use of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

Understanding Personality Traits and Motivation

For the study to be able to gather data that will reflect the psychology of hackers, it will collect data that will enable the researcher to be able to relate the individual respondent's commitment to conventional activities as well as their beliefs in following societal norms. The questionnaire will be formulated in a way that the collected data will be able to be used for analysis of the personality traits of those who are more or less susceptible towards getting involved in illegal hacking. The use of a hacker's conference case study will give the researcher the opportunity to collect data from those who have ever been involved in illegal hacking, those who have never hacked information illegally but have associated with illegal hackers, and also those who have neither associated with hackers nor involved themselves in illegal hacking.

Effects of Punishment on Hackers

The study will also determine the effects that the severity of the punishment attracted by illegal hacking has on the hackers. This will enable the researcher to find out if increasing or decreasing the severity of the punishment would have any effect on the number of hacking activities that take place. Such information will be helpful to both society and lawmakers in their quest to reduce the vice of illegal hacking. Scholarship has identified the need to identify the motivations that work behind those who get involved in illegal hacking. There must be a driving force that would make computer professionals involve themselves in unauthorized activities. It is therefore essential to note that this research will be beneficial since it will do so, and also discuss the types of attacks that are available. As security tools keep developing, the hacking attacks also keep getting invented. This shows the need for scholars to increase their concern on hackers' psychology.

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