Grizzly Man Movie Review

This Grizzly Man movie review

will take a look at the story of Timothy Treadwell, a man who lived among bears for 13 summers and died after roping another man into a self-destructive adventure. The movie implies that Treadwell got what he wished for. Although he supposedly lived among bears, he never lived like one of them.

Herzog's Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man is an excellent documentary about the relationship between man and grizzlies. The film follows Timothy Treadwell, a conservation activist and filmmaker, who was killed by a grizzly in Alaska's Denali National Park in 2003. The filmmaker recorded over 100 hours of footage, including Treadwell's own confessions, complaints, rants, and observations of the bears.

Herzog is not a perfect documentarian

and Grizzly Man is no exception. The director has already made his mind up about a lot of things, and treats Treadwell as his philosophical opponent. This makes for a film that seems like an argument between Treadwell and Herzog.

Timothy Treadwell

If you've been wondering about the movie Grizzly Man, then you've come to the right place. This biopic is not your typical nature documentary. Not only does it deal with a human subject that's not exactly likable, but it also explores the human tendency to romanticize the subject. Though it's a touching story about one man's quest for enlightenment, Grizzly Man is not a romantic movie about bears or grizzly men.

While this documentary is a compelling tale

of human need and eccentricity, there are still lingering questions about whether or not the footage is appropriate. It contains footage of Treadwell's obscenity-filled meltdown, which is considered insensitive by the park service.

Humanist worldview

In Grizzly Man, Werner Herzog displays a humanist approach to Nature. It is not a cinema verite documentary, but rather a meditation on man's relationship with Nature. It depicts Treadwell as a man who failed to understand Nature.

Treadwell spent thirteen summers

living among the grizzlies, and later went to schools to share his films. Then, as last summer came to a close, he perished in the midst of the grizzlies. Herzog has a strong reputation as a documentary filmmaker, and "Grizzly Man" is no exception.

While the movie has its fair share of flaws

it does work on many levels. For one thing, it's a compelling story of redemption. Timothy Treadwell is a recovering alcoholic who traded in substance addiction for process addiction with the bears. He needed more bears to reach his high. But that's only part of the story.


The Grizzly Man movie, starring Werner Herzog, is a powerful documentary about the relationship between humans and wild animals. The filmmakers capture the grizzly man's personal and professional life in a sensitive and powerful way. During the film, Timothy Treadwell talks to his MiniDV camera about his love for animals, drug addiction, and loneliness.

The movie's characters are complex

and often contradictory. For instance, the gambler is described as a man who is both confused and brave, and who seeks refuge among the creatures for safety. He even approaches the bears closer than the park's rules would allow. He speaks softly and has a soft manner, and he repeatedly wishes he were gay.

Treadwell's passion for grizzly bears

In Grizzly Man, the filmmakers have done an outstanding job of capturing Treadwell's life and passion for the animals. We learn about Treadwell's relationship with grizzly bears, his passion for the animals and how he tried to coexist with them. The film is filled with heartbreak and humor.

Although Treadwell was always fascinated by bears

his passion for them developed over the years. He struggled to attend school, but showed a talent for capturing images. He also appeared on a television show called Love Connection, which led to significant drinking and broken relationships. Nevertheless, he developed a love for grizzlies and spent more than a decade studying and recording these animals in Alaska's Katmai National Park.

Despite Treadwell's obvious love for the animals

we are left confused about his motivations for his life. His obsession with the bears leads him to believe that he's a "kind warrior" and "protector" of the animals. Yet he never quite understands that he's killing the animals for the sake of human happiness.

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