Green Lantern Theory of Presidency

The Green Lantern Theory

The Green lantern theory commonly known as the theory of presidency (GLTP) as defined by Brendan Nyhan refers to the belief that American president has the ability to achieve any policy or political strategy if he or she works hard enough or employs right and effective tactics. In general, president of the United States is all powerful and functional. Therefore, when the president cannot get an event or service done, it is as a result of the president not trying very hard or not working smart to achieve the set objectives. For example, President Donald Trump used this theory to get more votes since he promised to get American jobs from china and Japan. There are two versions of GLTP (Green lantern theory of presidency)

What Are The Two Versions Of Green Lantern Theory?

Brendan Nyhan in his definition describes two versions of GLTP as follows. The Reagan version (RV) holds that, if the president communicates sufficiently, the public will constantly rally behind his side. LBJ version asserts that if American president tries hard to win against or over the congress, the public and congress will vote through the legislative agendas of the president. All these versions approve that the president is all-powerful and functional, but must work harder if he does not have the right tactics. However, despite being significant to the public, the theory limits on the powers of American president. Consequently, it severely decreases the congress to coquettish gathering of the passive actors playing harder to get. As a result, the US political systems make the theory a major false. Moreover, constructing the wall separating US and Mexico is one of Trump's agenda as outlined in the theory. However, there are factors that contribute to the inability to build the wall as outlined below

Factors Causing Inability to Build the Wall

Poor geographical terrain in some regions such as Gulf of Mexico will require Trump to demolish some of the existing natural resources. Most lands in Texas are privately owned unlike the significant parts of the western border countries. Additionally, the majority of the borders are natural but not human made hence constructing the wall will meet great opposition. Consequently, surveillance is necessary to make the border effective as migrants are more determined to cross to US as they are characterized by few options

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