Green Business

Green Business

Green business is defined as a company that has no adverse effect on the environment, culture, community, or economy on a local or global scale. ExxonMobil is an international oil and gas company that focuses on sustainability and utilizes technology and innovation to meet the world's energy needs (ExxonMobil 4). As this corporation works to generate energy and meet the needs of the world, it also attempts to mitigate the risks of climate change. They support the Paris Agreement to address the global challenge. ExxonMobil is committed to lowering emissions and assisting customers in reducing their carbon footprint. They use technologies like cogeneration and carbon capture and storage to successfully mitigate environmental and climate change risks (ExxonMobil 20).

Structural Amorality

However, structural amorality is one of the rules of corporate behavior according to Mander (Mander 169). Some companies choose to neither be moral or immoral therefore sticking to no principles. This helps the company to be able to escape taxes and laws of environmental protection by sometimes relocating. For example, ExxonMobil corporation after knowing that they are spending to reduce destruction to Alaska shores following the oil spill of Valdez was not benefiting the bottom line of the company they stopped the act of cleaning. Again ExxonMobil is working with Renewable Energy Group (REG) to study biodiesel production by fermenting cellulosic sugars that are renewable extracted from agricultural waste (ExxonMobil 30). This partnership helps the company to not only depend on oil for making diesel but also use agricultural waste hence enhancing sustainability. Therefore, the future generation will be able to use oil as a source of energy to satisfy their needs.

Sustainability at ExxonMobil

Sustainability is important in ExxonMobil Company because they work hard to provide the dependable and affordable energy required for the progress of the economy (ExxonMobil 6). It engages to sustainability in the following key areas: environmental performance, dealing with risks of climatic change, human rights, community engagement and strategic investments among others. This company is in process of developing technology therefore new and uncertain solutions are coming up to help in satisfying environmental and energy goals. The voluntary greening approach helps the company to be more sustainable since they do not follow principles (Speth 321). Their operation is flexible without any authority in place.

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