GOP Leaders Laud Trump Decision to Exit Climate Pact

This thread's content is a review of Huey-Burns and Arkin's article "GOP Leaders Laud Trump Decision to Exit Climate Pact" (2017). The article discusses Trump's decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Agreement to battle climate change. According to the paper, key concerns for the exit include Trump's claim that he was elected by US electorates to serve US citizens rather than Paris. Similarly, GOP leaders applaud his move, which they see as courageous in light of the agreement being an overreach by their government, as well as an attack on domestic energy production , jobs and that the Americans will finally be able to benefit through harnessing new technology to compete on the global stage. On the other hand, the article addresses the rejections that the move has faced from the international business leaders.

An examination of the article reveals that it is allied to conservative’s school of thought. For instance, by withdrawing the U.S from the accord which more of depicts an international system of governance in regards to environmental regulations and policies, Trump prefers to stick to the small system of governance where the state can decide on its own rules and regulation that formulate environmental policies. From another perspective, Trump and the GOP leaders who are his allies on the move are all conservatives who prefer to maintain the status-quo. This follows their views that the standards set by the agreement are an overreach to their state besides controlling and barring them from exploiting certain forms of domestic energies that they see as potential job opportunities for their citizens ( Huey-Burns, &  Arkin, 2017).


Huey-Burns, C., &  Arkin, J. (2017). GOP Leaders Laud Trump Decision to Exit Climate Pact. Real Clear Politics. Retrieved on 06/06/2017 from

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