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Google would like to welcome each new team member to this organization and look forward to working together to provide information and ensure continuous growth. We encourage our senior staff to work in depth and to create an appropriate work climate that fosters vibrant creativity and growth. The workforce will be about three months, allowing the company to prepare and reprogram our schedule.
The supervisor will address the staff officially to other colleagues during the internship. The supervisor will clarify the work processes, roles and responsibilities to them. He will then direct them to their respective training centers and schedule their training timetable. It is also the role of the supervisor to ensure the interns are acutely aware of the expectations of the company from them regarding production standards, the level of services, attendance and behavioral norms.

The criteria for an appraisal shall only apply when the intern is showing signs of improvement within a year of recruitment. If the interns manage to secure jobs in this institution, they shall be expected to work for 8 hours a day with one-hour lunch breaks in the day during the weekdays only and shall receive payment at the end of the month. There shall be no overtime for the new employees. Every intern is supposed to produce a medical test and report any ailment or physical disability with the Human Resource Manager or the Welfare Manager. Furthermore, the interns are expected to take insurance cover for themselves.

In the case that any issue arise during the internship program, the interns are advised to report to the team leader through writing either by email or letter. If the team leader is unable to provide a solution, he or she will then contact the supervisor. If the supervisor is unable to settle the issue, he or she is then supposed to contact the Human Resource Manager. If the HR Manager does not provide a satisfying solution, the question will then be presented to the board of directors who then ponder on the issue and give out the final decision. The feedback will then follow the reverse channel to the affected parties (Almond & Ferner, 2006). The aim of the company is to provide unlimited access to information to everybody looking it up on the internet. The company finds out any necessary information from every source available and pools them so that anyone can have an easy time while searching for any information that relates to the subject.

Recruitment through our satellites all over the world begins today. Furthermore, the company will acquire and allocate resources which the interns will use during their time around. We, therefore, urge other staff members to observe discipline and help our interns where they face difficulty. The supervisor will move around registering staff members who are willing to serve as volunteer buddies for the new interns so that he can publish a working schedule for the time. The volunteers will help the interns settle in place while at the same time teach them the rules and regulations of this company as well as providing practical assistance.

In case the interns have any difficulty in their daily tasks, they can reach out to their team leaders or any volunteer available. If none of the two are available, they should feel free to contact the help desk at the reception from where they will be directed.

Interns who will be placed in remote towns will be provided with accommodation and transport. Furthermore, the interns will be rewarded with gifts and hampers upon completion of the internship period according to their performance. The company expects that the interns who will be posted in other satellite companies to behave correctly and act as Google ambassadors. Google shall not be answerable to any mischievous act caused by one of our interns or staff.

Board of Directors

Human Resource Manager


Team leader

Team C

Team B

Team A

Client Base

The internship program is meant for individuals who qualified from

The intern must be a University student in Master’s or Bachelor’s degree program. The intern also has to maintain the status of a student during the internship program. Additionally, the student will have to train on the following skills for efficiency.

Technical skills

In as much as this ability suits business internship, the student should know about technical services and products. Such skills enable the intern to offer interpretation and assistance to our clients who may not be tech-savvy since we deal with goods and services that require dynamic technological changes (Stewart, Belcourt & Snell, 2017). The candidates should also possess an adequate level of technical knowledge such as using Google products proficiently.

Communication skills

The individual should also be able to communicate in multiple platforms with our stakeholders from different groups. The candidate has to show the driving force that motivates others in gaining the trust of our users daily, and also advise our customers on the wide variety of products and services that the company offers. The candidate should also be able to maintain one-on-one communication with team members and clients, which may either occur in front of one or multiple parties or may take place on digital platforms.

In conclusion, the entire person involved in the process should ensure that they stick as per the requirements of the module. The management has the mandate of ensuring that the interns are provided with a favorable environment that can help them become absorbable in the job market.


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