Goal of Executive Directo

Reduce the amount of time an inmate spends in administrative isolation, if I were the Executive Director.

A prisoner is currently kept in solitary confinement for at least 22 hours each day. Furthermore, this continues for a specific prisoner for months, years, or even decades. Even worse, some prisoners who have been in long-term isolation are simply released into the society without any kind of transition. Therefore, it is crucial that jail administrations review their guidelines for how long inmates can be kept in administrative segregation. Additionally, before releasing such convicts onto the streets, management should create a transition program for them. Although it is necessary to have such confinements in a prisoner, they should not be misused; instead, there should be reforms to help limit the use of administrative segregation.

Essentially, solitary confinements are present daunting circumstances to any person placed in those cells with a sound mind.

Additionally, the number of hours an inmate spends in the isolated cell makes the experience worse. This situation is coupled with random checks where the prisoner is expected to stand with their feet visible for the officer on duty to see them during the scheduled counts. However, it is of the essence to recognize the fact that such prisoners have heart palpitations, nightmares, and nervous breakdowns. Furthermore, placing a problematic offender in solitary confinement does not solve the problem. Instead, the situation only serves to delay or exacerbate it, not just for the jail but also for the general public in the community (Raemisch, 2014). It is, therefore, critical for Texas police department to establish better strategies to deal with such individuals other than confining them in solitary cells. At the same time, the number of hours should be reduced from 22 hours to 12 or 15 hours; the remaining hours could be used for other purposes such as counseling.


Raemisch, R. (2014). My night in solitary. New York Times, A25.

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