We've all come together for one reason today

and the depth of our interest is proof that the danger of climate change is genuine. The future is a product of the present, and future generations will judge us based on how rapidly we react to this irreversible disaster, or whether we cared at all for the survival of the ecosystem and life-sustaining processes. As world leaders, our negotiating tactics should aim to create a shared ground for reducing the rate of loss of natural resources, clean energy, and emissions.

Global warming

Global warming is described as a rise in the temperature of the atmosphere covering the earth's surface. It is caused by greenhouses gases such as carbon IV oxide which retains the heat inside the atmosphere surrounding the earth. But if you go deeper, the real representation of global warming is contributed by man-made activities like burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. We are the cause so it is our responsibility to come up with a solution.

Maintaining the environment for future generations

We all seek to live in a stable predictable world and maintain the environment for future generations. However, only a slight change in temperature can cause a drastic change in environment. To avoid frequent and severe weather disasters such as floods, heat waves, air pollution, high animal extinction rates, acidic oceans and higher sea levels. We must work together to achieve our common goal.

A sustainable way of maintaining the world's ecosystem

Much as we need to perform economic activities, produce fuel and manufacture food products to survive. The major opposing views do not provide a sustainable way of maintaining the world's ecosystem. All these economic activities will eventually have to stop if the earth ceases to be habitable. Consequently, how can people help minimize the damage in the planet today. If we work together, there are several ways we can combat this. The clean air act was a good attempt to protect and improve the earth's atmosphere and following the act or enacting more laws that ensure environmental protection is a good place to start. In addition, we should consider limiting harmful emissions from vehicles and factories and phasing out chemicals that cause damage to our ozone layer. Each of us can prevent global warming by planting a tree and it's safe to say that the ball is now in our court. It starts with you

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