Gender Orientation Based Inequality

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The article Battle Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation raises a research question on the discrimination faced in the country and in every area of their lives by gay men and lesbians. Under the laws, they still fight for equal justice, making their claims a vital agenda for the civil rights movement. The author’s key point is that in their lives, lesbians and the gay community face various obstacles when they strive to assert their preference for their sexual partner and profile them on the basis of their sexual orientation in their respective cities and countries. In most cases, the value of their relationship both culturally and legally is always undervalued (David, 2014). The author testifies to have handled numerous instances in which his clients who are majorly gay and lesbians were fairly treated, and the law interpreted against their favor majorly due to their sexual orientation. It is clear in the article that the denial of rights based on HIV status and sexual orientation cuts across social-economic, political, ethnic, and racial boundaries.

The article helps us to understand the fact that the fight against discrimination based on gender orientation is far from over. Enactment of laws to grant equal rights to all individuals irrespective of their sexual orientation should be accompanied by the goodwill of the interested parties. The civil rights movements have to create awareness to the public about the need to embrace one other and value the differences that exist amongst people. To back up his claim, the author has used personal experiences of the cases he has personally handled that involved the gay and lesbian community (David, 2014). All the cases he dealt with indicate the unwillingness of the judges to grant justice to the affected same-sex couples. Discrimination of any form against any class of people should be discouraged since it threatens administration of justice.

Homophobia being the prejudice against homosexuals together with hate crimes against LGBT compare to racism, sexism, and ageism in the sense that they all result to discrimination against issues that are natural. They all result to social profiling of people as a result of who they are and facts of their lives that they cannot change. The difference between the two is that, homophobia is as a result of the feeling that LGBT goes against the social setting that they are as a result of some dark forces. On the other hand, racism, sexism, and ageism are as a result of difference in natural abilities and social profiling. Notably, legalization of same-sex marriages has an effect on homophobia since people will change the perspective of the LGBT community. With the legalization of their unions, homophobic reactions will decline since everybody will be the same in the eyes of the law since everyone will have the right to legitimize their relationships and ultimately enjoy the accrued benefits.


David, A. (2017). Fighting Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation. American Bar Association, 34(1), 31-35.

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