Essays on Youth Violence

Prevention of multiple forms of violence in schools.

This article is based on studies into the prevalence of various forms of violence among students. The youngsters involved are in public schools and range in age from 11 to 15 years. The investigation was conducted on a group of 288 youngsters at random. A questionnaire was utilized to investigate...

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The local police officers

A program to promote peaceful conflict resolution A program was started by the local police officers to teach students better methods to settle disagreements without resorting to violence. Peer counseling in the event of a dispute amongst pupils in the neighborhood and fostering goodwill among them have an impact on this...

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Forms of Gun Control

Recent reports of illegal shootings and gun abuse in the United States have reignited the controversy about the need for gun safety. One side of the issue contends that gun reform is important to ensure public safety, while the other contends that it is futile because it would do nothing...

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