Essays on Marine Life

Enticements to Conserve Marine Biodiversity in the Impure Public Goods’ Framework

Marine biodiversity might be seen or classified as a universal public good. The grounds for this include the fact that it cannot be achieved at the national level. In other words, this would result in the preservation of genetic diversity, on which future evolutionary evolution is dependent, as well as...

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Endangered Species Research Paper- Chelonia mydas

The green sea turtle, also known as the Chelonia mydas in science, has now been declared endangered. The green sea turtle is a member of the phylum Chordata and is a member of the Animalia kingdom. The green turtle belongs to the order Testudines' Reptilia class. The green turtle, whose...

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Choosing the Best Sea Turtle Nesting Sites on Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef

There have been numerous studies conducted on the impact of beach factors on sea turtle nesting behavior. Sea turtles spend the majority of the year underwater, emerging only in the summer to lay their sand-nested eggs. The temperature at the beach and other environmental factors have a big effect on...

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Marine mammals play important ecological roles in aquatic ecosystems.

Introduction At various trophic levels, including primary production, predatory fish, and other marine mammals including pinnipeds, killer whales, and polar bears, marine mammals operate as greater consumers of production (Basset, 2010). Marine mammals are thought to have a substantial impact on the structure and function of many aquatic communities due to...

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Marine Life (Sea Life)

Marine life, also known as sea life, ocean life, and other similar terms, is comprised of organisms, plants, and animals that contribute to the well-being of our planet. Many of these creatures are important to the health of our planet by contributing to the production of oxygen and sequestering carbon....

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Types of Marine Life

Marine Life Marine life is a diverse group of creatures that inhabit the oceans and seas. These creatures include plants, animals, and organisms, and affect the ecology of the planet. They produce oxygen and sequester carbon, and they play a key role in the maintenance of the environment. Learn more about...

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