Essays on Income Tax

Texas Decision not to Have a State Income Tax

The paper focuses on evaluating and discussing Texas decision not to have a state income tax. The paper will tend to examine relevant arguments such as the reasons for their enactment of the policy, evaluation of the decision, and the impact of the policy. The paper also analyses the...

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John Brown and Kathy Brown v. Commissioner

Assessment of Petitioners' Federal Income Tax Liabilities for 2012 and 2013 Respondent assessed deficiencies in petitioners' Federal income tax liabilities for 2012 and 2013 totaling $ 8000 by 2014 by legislative notice of deficiency. Question to be Addressed The question to be addressed in this memo is whether the petitioners' fishing boat charter...

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Subchapter S Corporations

Formation of Subchapter S Corporations When a company is created, Subchapter S Corporation is established through the United States Internal Revenue Service and the 26 United States Code. In the spirit of allocation of profits and taxes, Subchapter S companies enjoy the status of both a business and a partnership under...

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Court Summary of Petitioner stock sales case

The Petitioner and the Reorganization The Petitioner was the owner of all the stock of United Mortgage Corporation. This petitioner wanted just one thing and that was creating a means of selling these shares for her individual profit at the same time diminish the amount of income tax which would result...

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U.S. firms in Russia experience high levels of corruption in the country.

U.S. Companies in Russia It is obvious from the presentation that U.S. companies in Russia have high corruption levels in the region. Because of the low degree of accountability that affects firms, the market climate is not favorable. Intellectual property laws are insufficient. Russia, because of tensions with western countries, is...

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