Frank Sinatra versus Michael Buble

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Musical tradition has been characterized by how maestros best represented their artistic skills in historical times through their music. Because of their vastly excellent performances, most music icons are celebrated even in the contemporary sense. Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble are two outstanding music maestros who have been honored in the music industry as a result of their successful musical careers.
Despite Frank Sinatra’s passing, his unique story is remembered to this day. Most musical critics regard Sinatra as a composer who has influenced contemporary musicians such as Michael Buble. This paper examines the duo’s prolific musical career. It provides a distinct analysis of the various works of each and the impact of their works of each in the broader musical world.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra who is said to be historically vivant was a one talented artist who is recognized for setting the vocal journey for most musicians of his time. He is celebrated for his unique vocal sensation that is used to describe most of his music. Despite the negative assessors mainly based on his reputation, his music can be compared to the works of the musical moguls like Bing Cosby and Sammy Davis.

In spite of the fact that he did not know how to read music he had a great ability to understand music in general. He had developed great music interests since he was young. He enamoured his interests by join various bands which generally provided him with the niche to develop his unwavering passion. His musical career expanded more since his teenage years. As a bobby-soxer artist, he became celebrated lyricists setting the pace for other newer artists of his time. Some of the most famous songs are my way and fly me to the moon. These were among the first of his records that made him to rise to fame.

My way

This was a song famously popularised by Frank Sinatra. It was initially composed by Paul Anka. It has French origins since it was initially sung by some of the famous French musicians. The touch of Sinatra’s voice in the song made it to earn accolades of being the most voted for song. Traditional pop lovers voted and loved the song since it had a new turnover after it was redone by Sinatra.

However, it had been done cover versions by other artists. The song revolved around giving the life of being alone. It explained about how man had the guts to end his marriage. His wife moves out and leaves the man at home alone. The man suffers the boredom of being alone. It provides an overview of self-indulgent individual who founded his kind of lifestyle. The song provides a series of emotional flow which is the most defining aspect in most of Sinatra’s songs.

Emotions are triggered on the progression of the song. It begins with a surging musical progression. This represents a lot of striving as per the meaning of the lyrics. The intensity of the song rises distinctly. The other versions of this song were not articulated with the emotional attachment of its lyrics. Despites its many years of composition and editing, this song has been able to stand the test of time. It has been recently been played in funeral contexts making it to be timeless. It is still relevant in the modern contexts. The timeless appeal explains why even the modern orchestra bands have created a theme version of it. The song provides a sense on how; one feels when a loved one has departed him or her. The shallowness of the feelings are expressed in the song making it to be out rightly attached to the most in depth romantic feelings. Furthermore, it has been one of the most sought after karaoke form. Sinatra’s song was made simple and would easily low with several instrumentals.

However, his unique vocals complicated the song a little bit. His vocals made the song more appealing especially to the most relevant target group. It provides solace to any person who has been able to see the test of time as well as one who has undergone a number of trying moments. All the regrets that the individual in question has seen and the possible tribulations that the persona has seen are expressed in each verse of the song. The soothing melody provides a smooth feel and comforts the persona.

The experiences are as per the ways of the persona of the song which made it to earn the title. On audio analysis, the instrumentals and the vocals coincide perfectly. There is no overlapping which explains why Sinatra was homage and given the title to be the immediate marketer of the song in question.

Michael Buble

He has also been celebrated for following the footsteps of the historical musical moguls. In his musical career he has brought a unique change especially on the vocal aspects of music. The various accolades handed to him are indeed worth his name in the music context.


This is one of the most famous songs by Buble. It is twined within a series of emotional attachment. It expresses the emotional definition of what happens after a break up f a successful love story. Its lyrics prove the fact that they were autobiographed form a person’s life. Despite being based on a true story, the song is relevant in the romantic contexts. It provides the sudden vacuum, that befall the feelings of an individual after ending a relationship. The first line explains how the persona wants to be at home after greatly missing the presence of a loved one.

Just like any other musical legend, Buble’s song hit to be among the top music in global harts. The cover versions of the song were done in his honour. The music denotes the emotions found in love and relationships. It also denotes the sudden change emotions when the relationships takes another turn especially in adult contemporaries. It describes how one feels impersonated when not attached to the person he/she once loved.

Despite being in the company of several people, the persona still feels empty and alone. On audio and video analysis the melody articulates perfectly with the instrumentals. The video is described within the lyrics. The instrumentals do not overlap the unique musical tone of Michael Bubble. In a nutshell, musical professionalism has greatly been employed in setting this song. The song has also remained relevant over time; making it timeless especially in romantic relationship contexts.


The two artists are well celebrated. They have released celebrated music which has always been pinned next to their great names. Sinatra was legend in vocals. He is teenage years were most productive years of his time. However, his vocal talent began to drop some few years before his demise. On the other hand Buble has been recognized to be the vocal mogul.

He is always more vocal than instrumental in most of his songs. He is better than Sinatra since he has maintained a consistent improvement in most off his works. However, both have always embraced the impact of good music.

Additionally, Sinatra has been exceptional in most of his records. He has been able to win huge fandom during his time. He set pace for younger musicians. On the other hand, what makes Buble better than Sinatra is that, Sinatra’s work propelled Michael Buble musical journey.

Therefore, Buble has greatly improved the efforts of Sinatra. This has sophisticated his shrewdness in the musical journey. He has perfected on the lessons learnt by Sinatra making him exceptionally more upgraded than the former.

Lastly, Buble employs good use o musical note and tone flair. This has decorated his music which has also made him to have a huge fan base compared to Sinatra. His music has also fit the modern music. He has therefore not concentrated mainly on traditional pop music. On the contrary, Sinatra’s music was mainly based on traditional pop genre which made him relevant to mainly pop fans. However, both have always shown an extensively unique talent in forming melodies. These aspects have made them to be even more saluted by new comers in music.

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