First Study Reflection

Employing Strategies in Writing

I employed quite a few strategies while writing my study. First, after a indispensable analysis of my chosen topic, I prepared an define of the crucial ideas that I wanted to include in my paper. I structured my study in the standard layout comprising of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In my introduction, I was keen to begin off with an attention grabbing statement detailing about the creator of my reference. Also, I included a concise and clear thesis statement to furnish the reader with an insight of what precisely I used to be to address in the paper. Further, I used quotes from the e book interposed within the body of the study to aid the reader to relate to my life experiences. Besides, I used my conclusion to give a succinct summary of my main arguments in support of my thesis. The main thought which was running through my mind as I wrote the essay was a reflection of how my life has changed drastically over the years, and as such, changing my overall perspective about life in a positive manner.

Future Improvements

In my next essay, I intend to use more transitional words and sentences to enhance the logical flow of my essay besides serving as cues to my reader. Certainly, I will also proofread my work more rigorously to avert erring in my punctuation and grammar.

Managing Workload

Among the strategies that I'm using to handle the workload is by following a schedule that I've created detailing the time allotted for different activities. In the time that I've planned for my school work, I always make sure that I eliminate all distractions that may deter me from finishing the work that I've set forth to complete. In this way, I can beat deadlines.

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