Financial Aid for the International Students

Financial Problems Faced by International Students

As every other student, international students have a target of going through the educational process successfully. Nevertheless, on their path to the educational targets, they face different financial problems. In their attempt to ensure that they successfully achieve their targets, financial difficulties act as a stumbling block. This paper focuses solely on the financial problems facing foreign students who need financial assistance and some of the steps that can be taken to resolve the financial problems.

Financial Problems and Expenses Faced

In their search for quality education, foreign learners face a lot of financial problems. The financial problems faced by the Foothill College International students are attributed to the variation in the life standards and culture of the foreign country compared to their native countries. The international students also have to pay four times the amount of tuition fee that the normal students pay. This is very expensive, and in most cases, leaves the foreign students financially strained. Other than the tuition expenses, the international students are faced with expenses pertaining to accommodation and day to day living. This is particularly hard for those students that come from the developing countries and are studying in the developed countries. In the U.S, the law hinders the foreign students from working, and this further complicates their financial problems. When it comes to financial aid, issues of inequality between the domestic students and the international students at the Foothill College have also been reported, and this further worsens the international students’ financial troubles. The college hardly provides financial aid to the international students.

The Need for Financial Aid

The number of international students joining the Foothill College in the U.S. has increased significantly in the past three years, thus the need for financial aid. The need for financial aid by the Foothill College international students is driven by various factors. One of these factors is the ever increasing tuition and admission fees that the international students have to pay. Another factor that pushes for the need for financial aid is the expensive lifestyle in these foreign countries. Usually, the international students at the Foothill International College are forced to pay a lot of money for their rental housing, as well as food and daily expenses.

Solutions to the Issues of Financial Aid

There are various measures that can be embraced in dealing with the issues of financial aid among the international students at the Foothill College. One of the measures that can be implemented is the introduction of programs in the school that identifies all the international students in the class as a group, and focuses on a collective fund sourcing for them. The Foothill College can also come up with charities solely aimed at raising funds for the international students. Through charity events, both in the school and the surrounding communities and companies, the school will be able to raise enough amounts to sustain the international students in the college. It will also be necessary for the administration to practice equality for both the domestic and international students. By making even and affordable the tuition fees and accommodation fees for both the domestic and international students, it will be easier for the international students to meet their financial needs. Finally, the push for federal grants by the college to be allocated to the international students can also help in dealing with the financial challenges faced by these students.

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