People need to make a lot of money if they want to live the high-quality existence they envision. However, earning a lot of money does not necessarily mean that one is successful or that they will lead a happy existence. Because of this, I vehemently disagree with the notion that success is defined by having a large income.

The success factors include a wide range of activities, such as raising a family and having a large number of reliable companions. Some individuals land well-paying positions and immediately assume their success. After that, they exhibit a total change in behavior; they become arrogant towards their families because they feel they don’t have time for them. Gradually, they only have dinner with their money, talk to their money and set aside to only live with their money.

Second, is individuals success depends on how people enjoy and spend their money. Some people spend their money hanging around with friends and relatives, some people will only donate their money to charity while others will use their money to travel all over the world. As a result of this spending they will feel satisfied for living better life. on the other hand other people will keep on working for long hours simply to earn a lot of money and do not have enough time to enjoy the money they earn therefore they become fed up and exhausted with their life.

In conclusion, from the above discussion, it is pretty clear that money doesn’t equal to happiness and therefore earning a lot doesn’t amount to success. Though it is important to make much money other ingredients of life such as taking care of family are equally important.

Question 2

It can’t be doubted that technology has transformed our lives in many ways. One of the areas includes the process of learning and teaching. Some people agree that that technology has learned a lot of content while other oppose this thought. According to me, technology has transformed the method of teaching, and it enables students to walk with portable gadgets to study everywhere they go.

First, technology has transformed the advent of the present equipment. In the past teacher used to use Blackboard to deliver content to the students a method that was quite slow because the board had to be cleaned now and then. But, currently, large screens that are connected to the computer transmit too much information. Technology has thus transformed the speed and efficiency of content delivery. The student learns a lot of information and in a quick manner.

Technology has replaced books and notebooks by providing alternative devices. In the past students had to carry several notebooks and books to high schools and universities; as a result, they felt tired. But today what is needed is a small portable gadget. So more energy is saved, and thus students can concentrate in the classroom. Technology has therefore enhanced and brought efficiency in learning more than before.

In conclusion, from the above analysis, I am of the opinion that technology has significantly improved learning and students can acquire more information and in a faster manner than before. This can, therefore, lead to more and more technological improvements in the future. Nowadays learning is an experience of a lifetime as compared to the past when it was somehow boring.

Question 4

In life, there are sure things that have to be done in a particular manner. The manner in which they are done is at times full of obstacles and trouble, but we have to persevere and do these things this way because there is no alternative option. Because of this fact, I agree with the statement that at times individuals should do things they don't enjoy doing.

First, there are certain things we have to do to reach a specific dream or goal. Any person who has to achieve a particular knows that there are particular actions that must be taken in order to achieve those goals. For instance, a student who has set who wants to pass final examination doesn’t have any option but to study hard even if he doesn’t enjoy going to class or waking up each morning to study.

Secondly, some individuals can withhold enjoying now so that they can enjoy later. In some situation, individuals want to attain certain positions in life or only follow a particular career path. After that, they will be satisfied with their life and then start enjoying. For instance, a person who is a junior employee in any institution works extremely hard to get a promotion to higher positions that can satisfy their ambitions.

In conclusion, from the above explanations, most people perform some tasks not that they enjoy doing them but just because they want to achieve something in life. Whether you want to excel in life, raise a successful family the path you take will pay off. The joy might be the result of doing a given thing and not the method of doing it.

Question 4

At the present economic times, it is important t that individual earn a better salary. We live in an age where people without having enough money it is quite difficult to live. It will be impossible to satisfy the individual’s daily need, and even you can’t raise up children well. Yes, the job has to give you enough money, but there are other aspects of the job such as safety and respect that are equally important hence I disagree with this statement.

First, it cannot be doubted that money is the first thing people will always see in a job. Every person wants to earn well, but it is also important to like the job. If a person hates a given job, it is unlikely that he will continue doing despite the pay. Having a job satisfaction is quite important, and money comes later.

Secondly, some people do not look for earn a lot of money in a particular occupation. They only want to spread the kindness and also make other individuals in life feel better. Some people do not directly take money to be everything. Other things in life give people a lot of gratification and pleasure that nothing else could give. Some people have donated the entire salary to charity not that they don't like the pay but just that making donations gives them the satisfaction they need in life.

In conclusion, money is one of the most essential that can enable one to live a calm and a good life, but in life, there are other things that are also very essential- to be satisfied with your job and to like it. We must go for what we want and what gives us maximum satisfaction and then try to reach the uppermost goal which is making more money.

Question 5

Life can always be challenging and even complication. This implies that staying a good life isn’t that easy as imagined. At times people will always pick valuable lessons from difficult times of their lives. From this fact I agree with this statement that the experience that is at times quite difficult become valuable lessons in our future.

First, in many cases, people will always remember those moments that put them into stressful or severe situations. These conditions always remain in the minds of individuals for a long period and even become valuable lessons. In fact, we come across various events in life, and if that event is not unique or easier to handle, then no memories remain in our lives. From the problems people experience is when they get the necessary skills to deal with similar problems in future.

Secondly, it is only through experiencing challenging situations that people become more conversant with their environment in a better way. In many cases, it is not easy to know an individual entirely under normal circumstances because the particular characteristics are often hidden in the weighty depth of the mind For example when we face trouble in life only those people who pop up to give us a helping hand are indeed our real friends. In that situation, we can be able to select good friends thanks to stressful situations.

In conclusion, because of the above reason, I strongly agree that it is because of the difficult situations that we learn valuable lessons that ultimately prepare us even to face the most challenging difficulties in life. There is a common saying that states that failure is a mother of success which goes well with this statement.

Question 6

On daily basis the modern technology continues to bring us amazing surprises. Many people are of the thought that this technology is creating a single world culture a fact that I strongly agree with. Technological tools such as internet and computers are bringing people together.

First, the modern technology such as computer have made some languages more prominent. For instance, English is becoming one of the most important languages in the world. computers have also created language uniformity in that the language used is the same, no matter where people are located and the language they speak the always use computers the same way.

The internet is also playing a part in unifying people. The internet is now being used in almost all corners of the world. Using this technology people can now do all sorts of things starting from checking their bank balances, shopping, paying bill and acquiring information. Almost all people in the world use the same computer applications. The living habits of all people across the world are becoming closer and closer on each passing day. In addition to this, because of technology people can easily communicate with others all over the world. Some cultures have been able to learn from other cultures while others have been assimilated by others. There are some cultures such as hip-hop culture that has spread all over the world thanks to modern technology.

Based on the above mentioned points, it can be seen clearly why technology is bringing people much closer. The world culture is slowly becoming one, and in future, we won’t be surprised when we speak the same language, eat the same food and dress the same.

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