Federal Reserve violates Biblical principles

The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policies

The Federal Reserve is charged with developing monetary policies that affect the amount of credit and money in the US economy. The execution of these policies alters the distribution of funds in the banking system, hence influencing interest rates. As the Federal Reserve reduces interest rates, firms and consumers are encouraged to spend and lend more. These changes have an impact on the performance of the US economy. Nonetheless, the government's economic policy, as implemented through the Federal Reserve, has frequently violated biblical principles in its operations (\"Federal Reserve violates Biblical principles\", 2017). Because it uses manipulation to attain these policies, the government constantly acts against the fundamental biblical civil laws governing money.

Biblical Principles Concerning Money

The Bible outlines three important legal principles that concern money. First, the Bible points that monetary debasement is wrong (Isaiah 1:22), secondly the Bible discourages multiple indebtedness, a system that forms the framework of fractional reserve banking (Exodus 22:26) and thirdly the Bible reiterates that the measures and weights should not be violated (Leviticus 19:36) (\"Federal Reserve violates Biblical principles\", 2017). These essential biblical principles have been overstepped and breached by the modern economic policy.

The Federal Reserve System as a Government-Licensed Monopoly

Similar to the operations of any other central bank, the Federal Reserve System is essentially a government-licensed monopoly. This simply implies that it is privately owned and indirectly controlled by the government through the exclusive right to appoint Board members by the president (\"Federal Reserve violates Biblical principles\", 2017). The Federal Reserve System records, as well as its privately owned banks, are not accessed by the government accounting organization. As such the monetary system is controlled by few individuals, the political class, while the majority of the population is excluded from this system.

The Unsustainability of the U.S. Monetary System

The choice of monetary policies made is only set to enrich few people, the political class, who pass the economic policy that serves their selfish interests. Therefore, the U.S money system is on the brink of collapse because its operations contravene the biblical precepts. The current economic system used is unsustainable and violates moral principles. According to Jerry Robinson, the Bible does not support the current monetary system adopted in the U.S where the value of money is subjected to manipulation and constantly changed to suit specific interests (Robinson, 2014). In Proverbs 11:1, the Bible condemns the use of false measures and balance. The import of this biblical principle reflects the current economic system even though we no longer use the measures and weighs to sell and buy goods and services.

Violation of Biblical Truths about Money

An example of this violation involves the production of 1.2 trillion dollars out of thin air by the Federal Reserve in 2009 following the aftermath of the economic recession the previous year. The release of more dollars into the economy directly affected \"the measures and weights\" utilized to sell and buy. Therefore, as more money was released into the system, the currency that was in place was devalued. As explained by Robinson, this represents Fiat money systems where the currency can be manipulated and regulated at will to attain selfish gains (Robinson, 2014. This scenario in basic terms represents an unjust weight that adversely oversteps the biblical truths about money and economic policies.


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