FBI Board of Directors (BOD)

I'd want to draw your attention to the predicament of disabled students on our campus in terms of access to recreational facilities and participation in sports. We are all aware that recreational activities are extremely important to students. Recreational facilities help students feel better, improve their overall health, increase their fitness level, increase their physical strength, aid in stress management, improve athletic ability, aid in weight management, boost self-confidence, improve balance and coordination, and improve concentration. We also realize that disability is not synonymous with incapacity. I'm deeply concerned with the disproportionate representation of students with disabilities with respect to the use of recreational facilities available on campus. Students with disabilities cannot use some of the recreational amenities that are available on campus because of their physical limitations. In addition, they lack someone to support their usage of the available recreational facilities.

Students with disabilities are also represented disproportionately in sports. For that matter, I'm writing this appeal letter to request you to have a look into this matter. I recommend that the BOD engineers policies and strategies that would help include students with disabilities take part in competitive sports and this would require purchasing the necessary equipment and sporting wear that such students need, and providing training and support. Furthermore, the BOD should ensure that the current recreational facilities are redesigned so that they are easily accessed and used by students with disabilities. This should also include hiring a support team that would help students with disabilities access and use the available recreational amenities on campus. This should include formulating a department that caters for the needs and welfare of students with disabilities. I'm humbly requesting that you look into this matter and make our campus as inclusive as possible and serve as an example to the rest.

Disability is not inability and together we can help improve the lives of students with disabilities on our great campus.

Your Name

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