Facebook and Social Media

I use social media for communication and building friendships

I use social media to contact and communicate with those who are far away. Social media allows me to interact with and build friendships with people who may not be easily reachable through traditional communication methods such as phone calls and texting. Social media is also a source of knowledge about trends and happenings in the country and throughout the world. Using social media for news, on the other hand, necessitates obtaining information from reputable media outlets via their Facebook sites. As a result, I use Facebook for socializing and being up to date on current events.

In the future, Facebook's growth and domination will continue

In ten years, I believe Facebook will grow and expand its domination. The company has made significant progress since it started over a decade ago. Increasing number of people are using the internet that raises the number of potential Facebook users. The management of Facebook plays a significant role in ensuring its success and its future dominance in social media. One of the initiatives that will still provide success Facebook in the future is the use of boot camp for their new hires (Taulli, 2012). Bootcamp sets the required tone for employees to be successful while working at Facebook. The new employees also learn about the company expectations while new in their jobs and work towards achieving the set objectives. Setting such objectives and ensuring innovation meet the needs of employees will enable Facebook to increase their dominance. The process also involves sessions with mentors, who are senior engineers that help new employees adjust to the work environment and make significant contributions (Phillips & Gully, 2013).

Improving connectivity for the future

Facebook also has initiatives aimed at improving connectivity using wireless technologies. Part of the initiative focuses on the developing nations to improve connectivity (Vanian, 2016). If the company achieves these objectives, then it will remain dominant even after ten years.


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Vanian, J. (2016). Facebook Unveils Plans to Bring Internet to Both Cities and Rural Areas. Fortune. Retrieved 6 November 2017, from http://fortune.com/2016/04/13/facebook-terragraph-project-aries-internet/

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