Euthanasia and assisted suicide in selected European countries and US

The Issue of Ethics in Nursing

The issue of ethics is extremely important in the practice of nursing. Healthcare workers are required to conduct their activities in an ethical manner. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that in some cases, nurses find themselves in ethical quandaries that make it impossible for some to carry out their mandate efficiently. Nonetheless, it is critical for nurses to ensure that they keep the highest ethical standards at all times, regardless of the situation they are in (Dehghani, Mosalanejad, & Dehghan-Nayeri, 2015). Any healthcare provider's first focus as they go about their daily operations should be ethical behavior. The perception of ethics is viewed in a different way in the world. The world view on ethics primarily depends on one’s religious affiliation. Indeed, according to the Christian or Muslim view, individuals are expected to behave in a particular manner. Similarly, nurses have the mandate to ensure that they conduct themselves in a right way since it is the right thing to do.

Moral Status in Nursing

Moral status primarily focuses on the need to ensure that one adopts the insights provided in virtue ethics. The issue is relevant to nursing since nurses find themselves in situations where they are required to behave in a particular way. However, the identification of one’s moral status is helpful in ensuring that they conduct their medical duties in the right way. Indeed, moral behavior should be the prime objective of every nursing professional. Through this behavior, it would be possible to avoid situations where the nurse has to regret the decisions that they may have made.

Bioethics in Nursing

Bioethics is a crucial aspect of nursing, and it sets standards in the manner in which nurses conduct their activities. Specifically, there is the aspect of nurses deciding to conduct research to understand a particular nursing problem. Under such circumstances, it is critical for the nurses to observe the guidelines for conducting the study in line with bioethics. For example, if human subjects are required to carry out the study, it is critical to adhere to guidelines describing how the entire study will be conducted. Indeed, the concept of bioethics is applicable to regular nursing practice and the material that is learned in class.

Views of Death in Nursing

The concept of views of death varies remarkably but is of critical significance since it dictates the entire issue of nursing. The perception held by individuals on death depends on various factors. Regardless of the same, it is critical to ensure that one respects other’s perception of death. Through the same, it would be possible to make sure that the different views on death are acknowledged by the individual nurses.

Abortion and Nursing

Abortion is the other contentious issue in the society. Overall, there has been debate regarding the morality of the entire issue. Some individuals are pro-abortion while others widely oppose the deed. However, it is critical to ensure that the perception held by a particular individual be considered as their own views hence the need to respect the same. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the notion of abortion should not cause division. The choice made by an individual needs to be respected.

Euthanasia in Nursing

Finally, euthanasia is the other issue that has elicited different views. It is critical to understand that the decision made by a particular individual needs to be respected. The decision by a patient to request for assisted death needs to be respected since they alone understand the pain they are going through (Steck, Egger, Maessen, Reisch & Zwahlen, 2013).


Dehghani, A., Mosalanejad, L., & Dehghan-Nayeri, N. (2015). Factors affecting professional ethics in nursing practice in Iran: a qualitative study. BMC medical ethics, 16(1), 61.

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