Ethics of feminism in Virginia Held's article

Reading Virginia Held's Article on Ethics

Reading Virginia Held's article allowed me to get a lot of knowledge on ethics. I now clearly see how principles regulate human life thanks to the text. The regulation of human life by standards may take the form of societal dictates that change how people live or it may be completely unknown to the general public (Mosser 2013). The potential of ethics to influence a person's behavior without that person's knowledge is the cause of this. I found this to be a very educational item as I read the article. It is therefore not a must for ethics to be dictated physically for human behavior to be correct but personality adaptation can lead to automatic ethical living (TED, 2013).

Utilitarian Ethics and Common Sense

In addition to this, the utilitarian ethics is something that is very interesting for me. Being inborn and guided by common sense, it is a necessary element in human living. People can acquire this kind of ethics respect by the universal application of their common sense unconsciously. It is, therefore, possible to evaluate one's actions before embarking on performing them. This is enhanced by the ability to determine what is wrong and what is right without much effort and outside influence (Zúñiga y Postigo, 2013). Moreover, I have learned that a person is in a position to do things a will guided by interest. This is through the guidance of the consequences that accrue from an action. It is, therefore, credible concluding that ethics in life guide us in living healthy lives by the considerations that they enable us to have before engaging in certain actions.

Feminist Principles as a Transformation of Ethical Theory and Practice

I believe that feminist principles could be a fruitful transformation of ethical theory and practice in the western tradition. Feminism occurs as a result of deontology ethics. The reason behind this is the fact that there is no consequences consideration (Mosser 2013). Therefore facilitating feminism values will be a great way of enhancing other ethics such as the utilitarianism ethics that govern outcome concerns by human beings. Therefore guided by common sense and anticipation of the likely outcome, feminist ethics would lead to a fruitful transformation in the society (TED, 2013).


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