Ethical Self Awareness and Decision Making

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A extensive aspect of ethical self-awareness involves moral decision-making. Furthermore, fairness is one of the most critical factors in moral decision-making. Fairness is the most instructive factor in decision-making because it creates equality among all events and people involved. Consequently, there exist various organizations and motion that advocate for fairness in different nations with clarion calls such as “Justice Now.” Fairness, therefore, should be the benchmark in the making of any ethical decision.
Despite the need for equity in ethical decision-making, there are numerous challenges facing humans in practicing fairness in their daily decision-making. To acquire fairness, the question “How can I act equitably and balance legitimate interests?” is fundamental. Furthermore, this question is the most critical guide in ethical decision making because it enables consideration for all parties involved, regardless of their diverse situations. Furthermore, consideration of the mentioned question ensures better cohesiveness and integration among all factions of a country’s society. It is in light of this question that Justice John Rawls fronted the theory of “veil of ignorance.” The theory, asks one to consider a general situation/system which has assigned no roles to individuals in the society. The question, thus, enables people to take a neutral position in making ethical decisions.

Various factors in the modern world explain the beliefs why the outlined question is the most important in ethical decision making. Consider a scenario of oppression. Using the described prompt as a benchmark in decision making, most people can observe the wrongs in an oppression regime. Furthermore, it is the belief of equality emanating from the outlined critical question has resulted to the encoding of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender rights in a majority of developed democracies in the world.

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