Essay on Glaciers

Glaciers are large masses of ice rock that form over many years and do not melt quickly, even in the summer. Glaciers, according to scientists, move slowly across an area such as a mountain valley. Glaciers come in various sizes, ranging from small to large, and can span several miles (Market al. 794-805).
According to Van der Veen (2013), the world has seen significant glacier melting in recent years. Even though glacier melting may be caused by natural events, scientists have now determined that human activities cause the rapidity of the melting.
As a result of development in the technology industry, many of the human activities taking place are the primary causes of the adverse environmental deterioration. Most of the industrial activities result to polluting the environment and consequently bringing about global warming (Van der Veen 2013). Furthermore, industrial activities lead to the adverse effects include burning of fuels, coal mining, industrial gas emission to the atmosphere and deforestation (Ma, Ronghua et al. 37). According to scientists, these events lead to disturbance of natural processes that have been in place for centuries. The effects of the human activities result in global raised temperatures, drought, melting of glaciers, reduced water tables for water bodies such as oceans and lakes. Scientists now prove that the melting of glaciers in Himalayas Alps and Andes are as a result of such human activities (Ma et al. 37).

This paper focuses on analyzing how human activities have led to increased temperatures which have consequently led to the melting down of glaciers. The article further analyses on the measures that can be put forward to ensure global warming effects are significantly reduced to safeguard the environment.

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