Essay on Ethical standards

The culture of a company and its ethical standards

The culture of a company is greatly influenced by its ethical standards and core beliefs. A theory of ethics provides a guiding principle for every decision made and clarifies what is right or wrong. It also refers to how we approach the issue of always acting morally. The capacity to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, appropriateness and impropriety are among the characteristics of ethical norms and ideals. The aspect of devotion to doing what is proper, right, and good is another. There are many characteristics of ethically driven organizations: ethical practices, strong core values and culture, mission and vision and ethical leadership. This paper is an analysis of ethics, codes of behavior, standards and values of various organizations: Merck, Sage, and Cognizant. It will also explain the standards and values and how they are applied in the cultures of the respective organization.


This organization is a global healthcare company which has a history of 125 years, working towards making a difference in the healthcare sector. The company is known as Merck in Canada and the United States, but MSD everywhere else. It operates in more than 140 nations and has its headquarters Kenilworth, U.S.A. Ethical standards and values are always the basis of the success of the organization. These values and standards reflect how the members of the organization promote integrity and ethics in the way they serve their patients (Weiss, 2014).

The ethical values and standards that are applied in the organization include complying with the laws and regulations, encouraging employee flexibility and teamwork, maintaining the financial performance that encourages investment and developing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. The core aspect of the company is who they are, an aspect that has made the members always remember that medicine is for the people and not for profits. This core aspect will remain constant in enhancing the best culture, and standards and values will remain the basis of the success of the organization. I chose this organization because it has an excellent culture that inspires confidence and trust among the regulatory agencies, government officials, medical community, financial markets, employees, patients, and customers.


The Sage Group, mainly known as Sage is a multinational software company that has its headquarters in Tyne, United Kingdom. The brand and reputation of the company are both affected by what is done within the organization each day (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2015). Ethical behavior in this organization is very critical, and business practices together with standards of behavior are well set for every individual within the organization. Management teams are the ones that set an example and ensure that all the policies are understood, communicated and applied throughout the company.

The organization's ethical values and standards include trading ethically, ensuring equal opportunities, promoting the ethnical business practice, diversity and enhancing a safe and healthy work environment. The code of ethics guides the Sage Group to operate responsibly and according to the appropriate rules and regulations (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2015). These values and standards, alongside the principles of innovation, simplicity, and trust have built the culture of the organization to be one that benefits its suppliers, shareholders, and customers. I chose the company because I was impressed by its reputation and brand. Also, it highly strives to its ethical standards and values to grow and be the most respected and admired software service provider in the whole world.


This organization is an American multinational organization that deals with IT services such as consulting, technology, digital, and operations services. Its headquarters is Teaneck, United States. The company is based on a strong tradition of ethics, transparency, and integrity. The code of ethics together with the core values of the organization reflects the highest standards of business conduct (Weiss, 2014). It is up to every member of the organization to maintain these high standards in all they do to enhance a culture that is dedicated to ethics and integrity.

Among the ethical standards pursued by the company are the prevention of corrupt activities, creating and maintaining accurate and complete records, not engaging in insider dealing and avoidance of conflicts of interest. These ethical standards enhance the performance of the organization and help them to do business in the right way. Through these standards, the organization has built a culture where their clients, stockholders, and communities depend on the commitment of the company to perform with the highest level of integrity. Also, the standards have enabled the company to keep in mind valuable guidelines such as using resources the right way and respecting the privacy of others. I chose this organization because it is a known role model of integrity and their core values are what make them successful in the marketplace.


Ferrell, O. C., & Fraedrich, J. (2015). Business ethics: Ethical decision making & cases. Nelson Education.

Weiss, J. W. (2014). Business ethics: A stakeholder and issues management approach. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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