The Open EMR will cover the following topics.
To allow for unrestricted workflow
It would also allow for privacy.
It will also be taken into account to change the workforce.
When implementing Open EMR, assess the level of security.
To ensure that the setup is completed correctly.
Workforce allocation to complete scanning assignments.
You are enabling and facilitating the training process.
The software is being installed in the different sectors where it will be used.
Putting the strategies into action (Schreier, 2016) (Schreier, 2016) (Schreier, 2016)
The ability to function
The Open EMR includes the following features:
Patient demographics include information such as the patient's name, marital status, and contact information. Patient scheduling can entail multiple facility support, monitoring and reporting, and random drug screening of patients. Billing for the services will require paper claims, electronic bill clearance and the flexible system to be used for coding
The support for Multilanguage which will include the most currently used language in the clinical area such as English, Armenian, and Arabic.
Reports on appointments, referrals, immunization, dispensing of drugs and the list of all the patients available in the channel (Akowuah et al., 2015).
Patient portal which will consist of reports on lab tests, medical issues, allergies, appointments and even medications.
Security will have the ability to encrypt the files of the patients and access them remotely from any website.
Support will have the vast documentation to be done online, online forum for offering free support and finally is the slack chat support which will be free.

Akowuah, F., Lake, J., Yuan, X., Nuakoh, E., & Yu, H. (2015). Testing the security vulnerabilities of OpenEMR 4.1. 1: a case study. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 30(3), 26-35.
Schreier, G. (2016, May). Requirements for Evidence-Based Templates in Electronic Case Report Forms. In Health Informatics Meets EHealth: Predictive Modeling in Healthcare–From Prediction to Prevention. Proceedings of the 10th EHealth2016 Conference (Vol. 223, p. 142). IOS Press.

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