Essays on Drug Testing

Methamphetamine and Morphine Effect on the Body

Drug use brings a lot of side effects on the body. They have a wide range of direct and indirect, short and long-term effects. The side effects are usually determined by the drug used, a person s health, how much the same is taken, how the drugs are used and...

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The Need for Drug Testing at Festivals

Illicit drug use at festivals is a serious concern. The multiple cases of deaths and hospitalisation of the youth have prompted concerns about the need for illegal drug testing. The drug testing is aimed at facilitating information exchange, minimise the harms, and curb the emergence of the newly emerging psychoactive...

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The Role of solubility enhancement in pharmaceutical development

It was difficult to formulate telaprevir into a medicine since its crystalline form suggests low aqueous solubility and has physicochemical characteristics that violate the majority of Lipinski's rule of five for molecules pharmaceuticals. For toxicity and examinations of the first man exposed to a lower and implicitly variable of the...

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Types of Drug Testing

Drug Testing Drug testing involves the technical analysis of a biological specimen such as urine, hair, blood, saliva, breath, sweat, or oral fluid. It measures the presence of specified parent drugs and their metabolites in the specimen. There are various types of drug tests, including Pre-employment drug tests, Random drug tests,...

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Essay on EMR

The Open EMR The Open EMR will cover the following topics. To allow for unrestricted workflow It would also allow for privacy. It will also be taken into account to change the workforce. When implementing Open EMR, assess the level of security. To ensure that the setup is completed correctly. Workforce allocation to complete scanning assignments. You are...

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What Are the Different Types of Drug Testing?

Drug testing: A medical practice to detect drug use Drug testing is a medical practice that examines a biological specimen for the presence of drugs or their metabolites. It can be performed on urine, hair, blood, saliva, breath, or oral fluid. It works by determining the presence of specified parent drugs...

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