English Language and British intellectually

It is the major point of focus on this minute as he uses this to exhibit how much he considers the English language superior as well as the culture, beliefs, and morals of the British. According to the author, these are traits and traits he would like passed on to the Indians, through getting to know the language. In his minute, he states that teaching Sanskrit and Arabic is not essential, as those languages will no longer lead India to a renaissance like in Europe by Latin. His idea was to carry out a man who would follow the views of the British intellectually, in taste and morals but nevertheless be an Indian by appearance. The use of the keyword helped the reader understand the author's ideologies and the belief that the English language is better because it stands out sharply than the languages in India, as it is the language of administration and spoken by the elites.

Keyword Tourism from A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid

The keyword is used to show the impact of the tourism industry on the Antigua people. It is a phenomenon which has produced diverse effects on the people, including colonialism, poor economic and social conditions (Beriault 6). To bring out the issue of colonialism in the country, the author uses the keyword tourism to show the effect that it brings to the Antiguans. Tourism is one of the most lucrative businesses, so it is expected that the people of the country will benefit from it fully (Martin, Fatima, and Shauneen 245). The author adequately used the keyword to show the reader the situation the people of Antigua are in. The keyword is essential in the comprehension of the book, as it helps build a mental picture on the contrary effects of the industry on the country as opposed to the known positive results. I believe that the author was right by using the keyword since it explained in truth what she intended to bring out (Wood and John 401). In Antigua, the people live in poor conditions imposed by the bodies heading the tourism industries. The poor economic and social conditions are a form of colonization, as put in by the author, reinforced on them by those governing the tourism sector. Therefore, Kincaid tried to bring out these factors in her book.

Works Cited

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