Effective Education

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge from an animated or inanimate source, which results in the creation of a knowledge pool. Without the source of information from which the learner acquires knowledge, education is ineffective. It’s also ineffective if we’re forced to think the same way. People learn by imitating others, and nature encourages this. That is why young children can learn without being able to communicate; as a result, it is reasonable to believe that having someone to learn from in one’s daily life is important. The teachers are a collection of experts with a wide range of skills and abilities. They know much, and therefore they have an obligation of enlightening others as a way of passing knowledge and skills to. Together with this, freedom to the learners is crucial; it aids the learning process. Therefore, the kids should be given a chance to seek knowledge and to have thought of things so that they are not converted to banks of other people’s thoughts and ideas. The teachers have various perspectives of things that require knowledge of the students, and this is the reason as to why they should be able to see what their teachers’ are seeing, and their minds will grow and thus they should be ready to accept what they think it is not reality. The knowledge of the teachers is acquired from many sources including their superiors, books, and research. All these are verified sources of knowledge that warrant passing it to others to equip them and keep them updated. The many types of research that are conducted are meant to make people learn and hence it requires sharing. Therefore, students should be given a chance to think outside what they are taught and question what they are being taught so as to expand on research. This work, therefore, is going to discuss on two different methods of education that are used in acquiring knowledge. Education is a basic necessity for the growth and development and while the lack of it is an entry to poverty, therefore, devising the most strategic method of conducting education is the key to growth.

The author of the book Narrative of life believes that proper education is a personal sacrifice and that one has to struggle on their own to get it. According to him, someone has to do more to get what he wants and that forcing something on a person is not the way. He believes in giving people their freedom to do what they want and to emulate what they think is best for them so that at the end of it they achieve what they wanted. The reasoning is very important because one will value what he struggled to get. It will bring up strong people who have ideas of many things because in the process of finding one, they end up learning a lot. Learners will also know what they want because they will develop interest to a particular area and they will struggle to know that (Freire 80). This method of learning also will get rid of lazy learners and develop people who are very aggressive looking for knowledge. Finding professionals in a field will mean those people are passionate towards what they will be doing because of the struggles they went through to get it and will mean they are in the area of their interest and not by pressure or default.

Douglass, the author of the book Fostering resiliency in kids, on the other hand, believes that holding hands of those who are not learned by those who are learned is not a proper way of education. He believes that kids are young to know what they want and their minds have little but have space that needs to be filled with knowledge. He defines education as not just being ready to listen always and to see what the teacher is seeing. He believes that the students should be given freedom to look for the knowledge and be given a chance to challenge their teachers. He argues that listening and taking in what the teachers are saying and accepting that does not constitute a good way of conducting education (Douglass 2). Students are good to be given skills, yes but they should be given room to question what is said. This will increase chances of more research and will encourage more learning.

Education is not just education unless acquisition of true and valuable knowledge in a way that is desired is attained. The students who see something different from what the teacher is seeing should be given a chance to prove themselves because they may have a different idea. This is why he refers to this system as banking because the brains are made to store only that which is thought to be right as well as the thoughts of other people. This does not allow room for growth of minds in various things because thoughts are different and hence people should be given a chance to exercise their thoughts. The kids have creative minds that are always ready to learn and giving them freedom will allow them to explore more which is very crucial as far as education is concerned. This will also help come up with some good professionals and will make learning easier because kids will exploit their freedom with the help of their teachers

Indeed education is not all about filling our minds with something; it is about what factual aspects do you have about something. We cannot find any facts if we keep depending on the knowledge of others as well as their thoughts. Just like the author of the book fostering resiliency in kids says, ‘The teacher narrates the subject, and the student listens the subject…(Freire 77). When will the minds of the children grow and learn what is of interest to them if their work is to listen to just what has to be said? Douglass the author of the book narrative of life on the other side because of what he was facing made him to begin reading a book and to start practicing to write on his own. Therefore the two authors believe on the freedom of mind that makes one have the anxiety to learn of something and to have knowledge. However, Douglass believes much in suffering to get what is required unlike the author of the book Fostering resiliency in kids who believes in having some support from the teachers with some degree of freedom.

Exposure to the environment triggers the need to learn and therefore learners need exposure and freedom. The author of the book pedagogy of the oppressed believes that a mind grows upon exposure. He says, ‘the more the students work at storing deposits entrusted to them, the less they develop critical consciousness’ (Freire 80). On the other hand the book narrative of life shows how much the learning process was triggered by a situation that awakened the need to learn in a person. Therefore the two authors agree on learning through exposure. This will help get rid of the banking system of education and lead to the expansion of mind through the freedom they are exposed to.

Educational system determines the products that it produces; if they are of quality or not. My educational system has both been a banking concept as the author describes it but with some degree of freedom. Just like the author did say it is the degree of freedom that allows us as learners to exercise what we have in mind but often at times we have had answers for what we try to question. On the other hand I see our educational system as not exhaustive because of the change of syllabuses that have been occurring often and changing the things. This means that the research done comes disapproving some aspects and therefore I find the freedom that is enough because people are allowed to question and change up what was thought to be right.

Banking concept is the downfall of all the education system at large. My educational system that has just been based on theories keeps on changing and whenever on goes to the field my find things which are contrary to what one learned in class. Therefore teachers should just be there for guidance but the learners should be allowed to learn from the field and bring in new ideas from the field to be learned and expound in class, and this will hasten the learning process. Harboring people’s thoughts is what should be eliminated in our educational system. Our educational system favors the chances of sitting down and listening to what the teacher has to say and uses that in the daily life. Learners do not have freedom in their schools to learn what they want and they are converted into slaves and oppressed (Freire 82). We have a banking system of education as he calls it.

In conclusion, educational systems should follow what these authors are bringing out. It is, therefore, a requirement that minds should be made to grow by exploring on their own and should not be a closed system where people are forced to learn what was idealized by somebody else. Growth and expansion are the keys in the education sector. Hence the educational system at hand should be flexible to make learners have their freedom to learn what they want and question what they think is not right. Proper educational system leads to proper mind development. Good education is where learners are free thinkers who are not just being fed with what books and other sources of knowledge say. Students who acquire such education change the world in diverse aspects; they are the great entrepreneurs and philosophers of our time who have changed our world in great ways. Free thinking type of education should be promoted all over the education systems of the world.

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