Effective Communication in Office

Communication at the area of work is very essential. As such it is, required to communicate the message in the easiest yet most fantastic manner. In the current world, office communication is executed through emails. The essay outlines key things to ensure one communicates successfully while writing an email to communicate successfully with supervisors, coworkers, customers, and stakeholders.
To begin with, it is important for a person to query themselves about how they effectively communicate when they write an email to everyone and specifically at the workplace. For an email to effectively talk the intended message, the person intending to send the message ought to be aware of the tone they use in the mail. Also, the level of clarity should be ensured since the person communicating doesn’t want to be misunderstood or not understand at all (E. White, Claire). The choice of words is essential to ensuring that a person communicates the intended message. For instance, the use this sentence “you are expected that you attend the meeting on time” may not be very efficient. The sender of this mail may even fail to communicate the message he intended to convey. Unlike this message another email that reminds the recipient of a meeting like “we expect to have you in attendance for our meeting to be held in the social hall at 4.20pm” commutate effectively to the recipient. The later example is precise; it sends the message intended i.e. reminder to attend a meeting. Also, it clarifies or reminds the reader where the meeting is scheduled and at what time. If the reader had forgotten or cannot access the initial message, they will be in a position to attend the meeting. This is not the case with the first message as the reader would have to make a follow-up for time and place of the meeting. An email should be correctly punctuated and employ the use of correct grammar. While writing the message, it is crucial to keep in mind the perception of your readers. Considering how the audience may pursue message helps the writer to incorporate their style to communicate effectively. For example, the use of capitalized words and exclamation in an email may imply shouting which the audience might interpret as being rude or angry.

While writing an email ensure that the language used is active language. Being vague and indirect may hinder effective communication. Unless one needs to use passive voice for tactful honesty, its necessary to adapt the use of active voice while writing workplace emails. Important to embrace is gender sensitivity. Workplace writing should always be express a neutral gender approach (E. White, Claire). While emailing the workers, for example, the sentence ‘he/she should be punctual’ is gender definitive. Instead, a word every employee should be punctual doesn’t arouse feelings to any gender. In scenarios where the writer doesn’t know the gender of the person they are addressing, the acceptable thing is to address the mail to 'Dear Sir or Madam' or the title of the recipient’s office for example, ‘Dear Manager.' Maintaining sample emails written by the firm’s seniors is important. In the case of confusion, a conflict of format or uncertainty, it is advisable to follow such formats.

In conclusion, having the skills to write emails effectively at work is an asset everyone. Emails have become the most used medium for communication at work. These skills will benefit everyone at work including the writer and the recipients. Management is easier, and one can save time when they acquire the skill for communicating through the email at work place.

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