Effected Changes

There have been a few occasions in my work when I have changed people's behavior even when they do not desire the change. The most notable of these instances occurred during my stint at Natural Essence Thailand, where I was in charge of providing customer support. My colleague never felt the need to be kind to patients and hence treated them rudely. I was able to give her a rudimentary orientation about the significance of her role and why she needed to keep the proper mindset. She followed my counsel and was eventually recognized as one of the organization's best employees. The most challenging aspect of effecting the change was my doubt about whether she will accept my suggestion or not. However, I overcame my doubt and summoned the courage to speak to her.

Most Difficult Decision

I have made a couple of difficult work-related decisions in recent times. However, the most difficult contemporary decision I made was at my current job at Miku Japanese Dining where one of my duties is sushi preparation. On this day I was supposed to it prepare sushi as usual, and a realized that one of the most vital ingredients is missing I went straight to my supervisor and asked for the ingredient. He said I should go ahead and prepare the sushi without the ingredient. I knew it was ethically wrong to do such. Hence, I decide to take the reporting process, I went to my head of department and told him of the issue and my supervisor's decision. He rectified the situation, and I was happy. Going to the head of the department was a difficult but an ethical choice to make.

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