Drug Abuse; A Social Problem


Anything that is a problem for the group is a social issue. In certain cases, social problems are perceived as conditions in society that are unacceptable. Most of them typically have a negative social effect. Others are related to the slowing down of changes in society. Global warming, substance addiction, poverty, crime, among others, are social issues evident to society (Orcutt, & Rudy, 2003).

The Influence of Culture and Community

People have a common perspective on social problems in today's culture. For instance, not all people consider the industrial emissions in the atmosphere will result in global warming. Some are aware of the effects of global warming and others are not, therefore, it is an issue. Social problems are somewhat dependent on culture, community, and the country as a whole. In this study, I will evaluate my experiences with drug abuse.

Understanding Drug Abuse

Drug abuse, also substance abuse, involves an individual using a drug more than is prescribed or consuming drugs that cause one to behave abnormally or violently in some way. The former has been a very serious health-related problem that affects society in one way or another. In American society, drug abuse has been a major problem with bhang and cocaine being the most abused drugs among youths. Under the influence of these drugs, youths have been violent and taking part in other social problems such as crimes, rape, alcoholism, and suicide among others (Orcutt, & Rudy, 2003).

Personal Experience with Drug Abuse

Being an American native, I have encountered this problem of drug abuse among most youths in our society. The worst experience I can recall regarding this specific social problem is the death of my cousin after a long struggle with alcoholism as well as addiction to bhang. While he lived, the experience of being a victim of drug abuse was the worst thing I could imagine about. His health was daunting and most of all, his life was a mess as he struggled to cope with the addiction brought about by drug abuse. Measures to rehabilitate him as well as medication to minimize his addiction problem failed as most of his body tissues, especially the lungs, had been destroyed by smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. His immune system had also been weakened and could no longer fight disease-causing pathogens anymore.

Advocating Against Drug Abuse

From this experience, I learned so much about drug abuse, health, and above all, the harm the problem causes to the family and the society as a whole. Based on this encounter, I have been an ambassador advocating for and creating awareness against the use of harmful and hard drugs such as bhang and cocaine within my neighborhood. My knowledge of the side effects of this issue has seen some youths join me in my crusade. This is an achievement as my efforts are changing the minds and perceptions of young and innovative minds who have been made to believe that drugs are for relaxation and fun.


While I conclude, I would like to articulate that my understanding about drug abuse has greatly changed upon the encounter mentioned above. Drugs such as bhang and cocaine are not for relaxation and easing the mind but for destroying our own self-identities. With this idea that drugs are harmful to our health, the family, and the society as a whole, I am determined to bring many youths on board, not only in my society but in the whole state, to fight against this social problem.


Orcutt, J. D., & Rudy, D. R. (2003). Drugs, alcohol, and social problems. Lanham, Md. [u.a.: Rowman & Littlefield.

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