I used to be among the many who thought that Trump was now not the best choice we had for the presidency following the 2016 elections in the US.

I always that that he now not such a great leader because he regarded to possess dictatorial powers that I always felt that he would not deliver the great to the American people.

I was surprised learn via an article that featured in CNN that Trump had passed a ruling to ban several Muslim countries from traveling the US.

The news that President Trump had banned Muslims from touring the US for a particular length citing security concerns was no longer only disgusting but also unfair to the world out there.

The argument that the president raised when passing the bill into a law was that there was a security challenge that the Muslim world was posing to the world and America was a target.

The move was thus intended to ban some of the threats from visiting the US while the government did an assessment of the situation do determine why the risk for the US was at such a high rate.

It comes after the previous government were accused for condoning the influx of refugees and immigrants into the country without and legal details.

While the move could be supported by his followers, I feel that it was a keen-jerk decision that failed to look at the bigger picture of the issue.

The first feeling I felt upon reading the news was that the President was proving to be not only controversial but also inconsiderate of the American welfare and culture.

The news came after Trump was sworn into office amid protests that called for his removal for office because some people believed that he was a controversial man to hold such a high office.

The feeling of controversy was thus proved to be true less than 90 days when he decided to sign for the ban and ended up blocking as many as 218 million people from the selected Muslim countries from visiting the US (Diamond).

I was so disappointed by the news because I personally have friends from diverse ethnicities and it is a culture that has expected in the US always.

America has been a country where immigrants are welcomed as the country’s history has always been found on a system of promoting multiculturalism and diversity.

In fact, when I was reading the article I remember developing a feeling that the president move had made the US an enemy to the world and there was a higher risk of terrorism now more than ever.

It is surprising, in my opinion, that President Trump failed to consider the perspectives from a multidimensional perspective and was only looking at it from a superficial point of view.

One would realize that once the ban is waived, the chances that the US will be attacked by the banned countries is very high because the ban has created enemies.

In summary, I believe that the news that Trump had banned Muslims from visiting the US was not only unacceptable but also hurting considering the relationship of the US with the outside world.

I felt that a controversial man who was deemed not right to hold the highest position in office was proving the doubters right through the reckless ban that will affect how the world perceived the US.

Works Cited

Diamond, Jeremy. “Trump’s Latest Executive Order: Banning People from 7 Countries and More.” CNN 29 Jan. 2017. Web.

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