Does The US Health Care System Work The Same For Everyone? Who Is Everyone?

An in-depth examination of the United States healthcare system шndicates that, while it was created to care for all individuals, it does not function in the same way. This is because those who can afford high insurance premiums are better protected than those who cannot. Everyone in healthcare should include all individuals living inside a specific country, including citizens and immigrants, children and even adults (Callaghan, 2016).

How well has our health-care system served you and your family? Share one positive and one negative healthcare experience.

The modern healthcare system has both positive and harmful aspects. Notably, one advantage of this method based on my experience is the fact that it is possible for self-employed individuals to have insurance. Some of my relatives now depend on the subsidies from the state to cover doctor visits as well as medication. Furthermore, the system has also been beneficial to members of our family below 26 years of age who are covered under the parents' insurance policy.

On the other hand, a bad experience regarding this program is the lack of accessibility to all. In other words, the provision of health services is not a guarantee for all people. For instance, one of my relatives who have health issues encountered various problems due to the lack of insurance. For this reason, it was costly to undergo treatment.

Is The United States Health Care System A Sound System?

The United States can be said to be a good system. Although it is still far from perfection, the available programs function to ensure that everyone can access quality care. 48% of the spending is from private funds, 28% from households, 45% from the various levels of government and 20% from private businesses. Simply put, the government funds most of the health care while private entities deliver (Department for Professional Employees, 2016).

In the Media, has Recent Health Care Reform (ACA) Been Portrayed as Good or Bad?

Using Google as the search engine, the first three media sources take a neutral stance regarding the contemporary healthcare reforms. These sources highlight both the pros and cons of the policy. Nevertheless, there is still the emphasis that while the act enhanced access to care by the majority, a lot more is yet to be done (Amadeo, 2017). Another opinion is that the disadvantages overshadow the advantages (Siegel, 2017). This means that competition, transparency, and tax incentives are essential for affordable care.


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