Do We Have to Attack the Country That Can Attack Us?

One of the fascinating facts

One of the fascinating facts is that most of them focus on safeguarding themselves against their neighbors instead of countries that focus on building peace. Also with nations that appear to act as prospective perpetrators, stability is a phenomenon that can be accomplished. In order to eradicate any instances of enmity, countries should greatly concentrate on ensuring that there is some degree of brotherhood with their neighbors. If people believe this view to be true, they will find that competition among nations controls the world. Although most of the actions made by world leaders seem to be genuine, these individuals indulge in such activities in most cases in order to enrich their individual nations. When this perspective is evaluated from the geopolitical point of view, then it is valid since every nation has the right to be secure from its prospective enemies. Essentially, most countries have self-interests that could lead to enmity; hence, they should attack their neighbors who pose a threat.

Countries Have to Ensure that the Security of their Citizens is Prioritized

An interesting aspect of this reason is that sometimes the lives of other individuals could be more valuable than that of other individual. Life cannot be graded along the parameter of who is least or most significant. However, everyone’s life is sacred; therefore, it is unreasonable for one nation to kill citizens of another country with the pretext of protecting its own.

From another perspective, this could be true because it is also not appropriate to always possess intentions of causing harm to people of another country that are yet to display any form of enmity.

Considerably, this argument is insightful as it shows that in some cases lives could be graded. In most cases, it is possible to find that leaders are spared from some issues because of their societal status. For example, the ramifications of an earthquake cannot be the same to both rich and the have-nots.

Nations Need to Ensure that their Borders are Secure from Prospective Adversaries

Reflectively, it is unreasonable for one to assert that they are safeguarding their borders when the planet is a single entity. For one to demarcate an area and classify it, there is the need to demonstrate that country A and B exist on separate planets.

Countries would use this notion to validate their offensiveness because they have resources to protect. In most cases, every nation has some wealth that it needs to ensure that it uses to provide services to its population. Therefore, in the event of an attack, it becomes reasonable for one to safeguard his or her interests.


From this argument, one realizes that most of the conflicts are concerned with resources rather than ideologies. Commonly, most nations will be hesitant to launch attacks because of the need to entrench respect to human rights.


Elbow, P. (2006). The believing game and how to make conflicting opinions more fruitful. Nurturing the Peacemakers in Our Students: A Guide to Teaching Peace, Empathy, and Understanding, 16-25.

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