Diversity Training description

In many industries, the workforce is becoming more diverse as we go into the twenty-first century. Given this, HR departments worldwide have had to deal with the interpersonal issues that result from variations in cultural and religious views at work. Mixed results from studies on the efficiency of diversity training have raised questions about the whole initiative (Holladay & Quiones, 2008). Nonetheless, employers continue to make their staff participate in ineffective diversity training. But, there are genuine advantages to putting diversity training ideas into practice, which genuinely show promise in fostering harmony at work. Putting another person's life experiences in perspective is one of these diversity training methods. This is done by encouraging employees to envision themselves in a minority group, such as the Hispanics, Islamic and LBGT, and write a paragraph or two about it. By doing this, coworkers are conceptually able to take a walk in their minority co-workers’ shoes, which in turn, reduces the level of animosity or rivalry between them.

A second pragmatic diversity training exercise, is short term goal setting. Pragmatic goals in diversity training need to be SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time-Bound) (Holladay & Quiñones, 2008). By electing, for instance, to speak out against any hate speech against the islamic community that one may hear within and outside of the workplace, a worker will effectively help to further efforts aimed at celebrating diversity and not persecuting it. A combination of these two activities can transform diversity training in the workplace from a mundane and uninteresting process, to one that is enlightening to each and every one of the coworkers. Diversity in the modern workplace is inevitable and as such, enhancing the efficacy of diversity training is essential to the optimization of the workplace.


Holladay, C., & Quiñones, M. (2008). The Influence of Training Focus and Trainer Characteristics on Diversity Training Effectiveness. Academy of Management Learning & Education,7(3), 343-354. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/40214553

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