diversity in the profession

Because of the diversity of professions in our society, issues about the underlying reality about specific occupations arise. This genuine worry can only be alleviated by questioning such individuals, organizations, institutions, communities, or societies with such professions. In the course of my work, I interviewed Shirk Daniel from California, who works at the Academia law firm, on the uncertainty in the legal field. The interview is reproduced here.

Please tell me your name and professional background.

My name is Cate Cynthia, and my lawyer's name is Shirk Daniel.

Thank you for accepting and considering my request to include you in this session.Daniel: Pleasure is mine.

Me: Mr. Daniel, tell me more about you.

Daniel: I am a lawyer in the court of law and a lecturer in Academia school. I also run a law firm.

Me: Where is the firm, tell please about its structure?

Daniel: The firm is located at Wilberforce town, Norman Plaza, fourth floor. We have ten lawyers working for the company, whereby; three with PhDs, four with masters, while the other three are undergraduates.

Me: Mr. Daniel, as a lawyer, can you say something about this field.

Daniel: There is a lot to say, but I can generalize it as profession, just like any other job that gives a living.

Me: And why did you prioritize this occupation over other carriers?

Daniel: Personally, it is a passion, since childhood has always desired to be on the court to argue laws.

Me: Just to expound on this, what do you understand by the term law?

Daniel: In my perception, the law is a set of rules which govern how we behave. It is what you must do, what you are allowed to do and what you must do.

Me: Would you explain what the sentence mean?

Daniel: Yes, society is a place where people interact, those both with good and evil motives; thus there must be rules to guide how people will peacefully live together.

Me: Does it mean laws promote honesty and truth in the community, by being just?

Daniel: Yes, calling for justice.

Me: how real is that Mr. Daniel?

Daniel: A law is not all about justice, as a lawyer you work out to prove the court that your client also deserves fair treatment, and it's upon the prosecutor to prove the court that the accused is guilty.

Me: Personally I feel like pursuing the carrier, but because I love justice, I don't desire to lie, what next?

Daniel: In the court of law, as the lawyer is not all about justice, instead of your social skills, number and talking more about reality.

Me: (taking a massive breath) kindly explain what do you mean by reality, is it contradictive with the oaths you take?

Daniel: Nice, a question for you, a situation where a robber invades a building, fortunately or unfortunately caught in the act, he/she surrenders, instead he/she gets assaulted, between the two, who breaks the law?

Me: all are.

Daniel: Great, that's what the law states, as a lawyer, always call for fair treatment.

Me: are there challenges?

Daniel: yeah.

Me: Would you state a few of the challenges?

Daniel: Just like the one you have mentioned, negativity is always the disease, always feeling guilty even before presenting your client.

Me: How do you solve them?

Daniel: Always let your conscience guide you, centralize your mind and focus on what you are working on, through this, you will have managed challenges that result in the course of your study or proceedings when you are in the court.

Me: Thank you for the ample time and for sharing the information, feel energized and ready to face the study.

Daniel: Welcome.

In conclusion, I realized that not all those who study law have passion in it, just like any other occupation, there are those who do it to earn a living. Lawyers, like any other person, have a family whom they have to feed, attend to and provide for. As students, we should focus on the reality and weigh out the consequences of choosing particular courses to study.

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