Description of current career aspirations

Every student aspires to work in a rewarding vocation that will provide prospects for additional career advancement and development. When I enrolled in criminology, I knew I was embarking on a career path that would expose me to all aspects of crime. Studying criminology allows students to develop relevant knowledge, insight, skills, and sensitivity required for careers in the criminal justice system (Kent State University, 2017). My dedication and efforts toward realizing my objective have been unshakable.  I intend to achieve my career goals by working at the children protection department within the Australia Federal Police (AFP). The agency plays a significant role in keeping children safe regardless of their immediate environment (AFP, 2017). It is imperative to recognize that the success of AFP has been attributed to stronger partnerships that the agency has built with the country’s law enforcement agencies, various departments, and international agencies (AFP, 2017). The AFP undertakes numerous duties which include prevention of crime and criminal activities, the creation of awareness and developing initiatives with the aim of keeping children safe. Based on my background in criminology, I undertake to achieve important career goals which include understanding the nature of crime in Australia, exploring crime within the context of known criminological theories, having information regarding criminological research method. In addition, I will also be able to understand how the justice system operates in relation to existing institutions, culture, and social structure. An important goal of any criminology student is to attain familiarity with the existing and emerging policies that govern the justice system, evaluate their effectiveness and examine their limitations (Singh and Gopal, 2010, p. 16). While working the children protection department, I seek to provide reliable information regarding crimes such as child sex exploitation. I will endeavor to engage in team work and seek counsel from my supervisors regarding the best practices for achieving a successful career. I believe that working together and sharing insights will expand my horizons and help me establish the link between industry expectations and theory.

Evidence of engagement in research

The basic responsibility of the children protection department is to facilitate a safe environment for children. It is the work of the AFP to undertake investigations towards online child sex exploitation (AFP, 2017). In this regard, the study of criminology helps in assessing and analyzing various providers of internet and content hosts with the aim of establishing an association with child sex exploitation. At the children’s department, investigations regarding child sex exploitation occur by use of telecommunication devices. Such devices include mobile phones and the internet. The department undertakes to find out websites that groom and procure children for exploitation. Any attempts by an adult to facilitate a sexual relationship with children below 16 years of age is deemed irresponsible and worthy of judicial action.

Identification of skills required in the field

Criminology explores the cause, effect, and impact of crime. For this reason, it is an important area of knowledge within the criminal justice system. The specific skills required in the field in the context of the department of children include analysis of data with the aim of establishing of a crime has been committed or not. In so doing, the department can explore ways of predicting, deterring, and precluding any form of crime (AFP, 2017). The criminologist spends a lot of time in the criminal department to collect data that can be useful for policy formation. Some of the skills place emphasis on sociology, criminal science, behavioral sciences, and criminal law.

Sociology helps in developing an understanding of the group behavior in relation to crime while the law helps in examining the legal consequences of the decision-making processes. These competencies play an integral role in shaping the judgment and analysis of the criminal investigation officer to ensure that the decisions made are beyond reproach (Taylor, Walton, and Young, 2013, p. 58). A criminologist requires good organizational skills to be able to coordinate all aspects of investigation and reach a logical conclusion. Since criminal science involves analysis of data, criminologists need to have mathematical skills and competencies in probability and statistics (Roufa, 2017; Maxfield and Babbie, 2014, p. 134). Like any other field, criminology requires good communication skills to enable the investigators to communicate their findings in a clear and coherent manner. Effective communication skills are paramount in achieving better feedback.

Practical steps

I recognize that the field of criminology is very dynamic due to the evolving nature of the crime. I also recognize the evolution of various methods of combating crime. To keep pace with the dynamics, I seek to undertake research in the field of criminology to establish new ideas that can reinforce crime prevention methods. Through research, I will assist the children protection department to explore ways in which online child sex exploitation can be mitigated. This is only possible if the law enforcement responds faster by curbing loopholes that can abet the crime. The second step involves networking with members of the department, professionals in the field, and policy makers and participating effectively in crime prevention discourses. According to Wu (2011), volunteerism encourages social connections between different people and fosters cohesive and stronger communities (p. 4). I will participate in volunteering initiatives with the aim of gaining further insights regarding criminology. I will seek to pursue further studies on criminology to gain more knowledge on the complex nature of the crime and serve as a role model to younger employees.

A reflection of possible impediments to success in the career

Despite the success of this career, criminology is faced with some impediments. Crime is an evolving phenomenon which puts pressure on law enforcement agencies to devise new strategies of response. According to Hall (2011), some of the methods of crime prevention are expensive to acquire and maintain (p. 375). The second impediment is that the anonymity of the internet has fueled many incidences of online crime such as cyberbullying and online child sex exploitation (Ferrell, 2014, p. 909). While measures are being undertaken to combat cyber crime, the success of cyber security depends on the ability of criminologist to prevent crime.

List of References

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