Delivery Models of Nursing Care

Types of Nursing Care Delivery Models

There are several different types of nursing care delivery models. Nursing care models are strategies that nurses employ when providing nursing care to their patients. Nursing care delivery methods include the case management model, team nursing, functional nursing, primary nursing, complementary model, and care service team nursing. As a nurse manager in our unit, I prefer the team nursing care approach for nursing care delivery. A team of health professionals, including nurses and nurse's aides, provides care in the team nursing care model.

Benefits of Team Nursing Care Model

The team nursing care paradigm has benefits. One of the benefits of this model is that with a team, a great number of patients are served, and they receive comprehensive care. Tasks are delegated to all the team members with specific role definitions and communication skills to make sure that the nursing care is not fragmented (Hughes, 2008). Another advantage of the team nursing care delivery is that it allows the team members contribute with their special skills. Every team member has his/her expertise and with their skills and this helps with patients' safety and job satisfaction. Lastly, with a team care, patients receive individualized care, and this improves patient satisfaction.

Disadvantages of Team Nursing Care Model

Apart from the advantages, the team nursing care model has disadvantages too. For instance, it is hard to manage without an intensive team communication. Communication can be a problem because of the big team, and this can result in errors. Secondly, if the team does not have an effective leader then work will not be done in an appropriate manner and time. The leader of the team should have excellent organizational, management, communication, and leadership skills for the team to run efficiently. Assigning the team in this model is challenging because of the competencies of the staff, and this can slow patients care.


Hughes, R. (Ed.). (2008). Patient safety and quality: An evidence-based handbook for nurses (Vol. 3). Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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